Scale Military Modeller Magazine – May 2015 Issue

Layout 1May 2015 Issue

Here’s a look at some of what we have in store in the latest issue of SMMI


Figures in Focus Special’

Layout 1

The May issue is another ‘Figures in Focus Special Issue’ with a dedicated section looking at all the latest news from the figure world, with Layout 1exclusive builds from Andrea Miniatures, Mr Black and our own Mark Dollery and Kevin Peart. We also have exclusive competitions from Andrea, Historex and El Greco, plus our usual mix of armour articles, news, previews and reviews! And we hare very pleased to welcome Casemate UK who will be providing a regular ‘Book of the Month’ prize for some lucky readers!


Layout 1‘Rain of Fire’ – Hussein El Kaissy builds the Trumpeter Grad MRLS

‘Panzer in Winter’ – Kevin Potts adds a distressed look to a Dragon kit

‘War Wheels’ – Mark Chisholm details the HobbyBoss LAV-150

War-Zone – Koshkin’s Creation – Anthony Tucker-Jones takes a in depth look at the T-34


‘Can You See Any Cracks Yet?’ – Leigh Jones imaginative Greyhound on a Bridge diorama

‘Well Worn and Wintered’ – Painting and detailing the Panzer I with Mig Jiminez

‘Battlefield Bowman’ – Building the Bronco ‘Archer’


Figures in Focus Special

‘Uphill Battle’ – Andy Renshaw builds a Waffen SS vignette

‘RHA Officer’ – Crimea – Kevin Peart paints the Stormtrooper bust

‘General George S Patton’ – Detailing the RP Models bust

‘Wittman – Tiger Ace’ – Mark Dollery shows you how to paint the MJ Miniatures bust

‘Jungle Survivor’ – Kevin Peart produces an emotive build using the AC Models kit

‘Light Horse Trooper’ – AC Models Mounted Rifles/Australian Light Horse– Middle East 1917

Layout 1

‘Stormtrooper 1917’ – An exclusive, immersive build from Carlos Royo of Andrea Miniatures

‘Winter Warrior’ – Grigoris Marmatakis and Stelios Demiras of Mr Black

Publications detail the Young Miniatures 1:10 ‘Totenkopf’

Division, Bust

Inside Story – we talk to Stelios Demiras of Mr Black Publications and Sang Eon Lee of Life Miniatures


And as always, this issue is crammed to the gunnels with features, news and informed comment. Make sure you order your copy now!



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