Bombshell Miniatures – Maelee the Mechanic


Model No. 10023

Size – 32mm

Cast Pewter

MSRP – $9.99 US

Designed by Tim Collier

Sculpted by Patrick Keith


Maelee the Mechanic

From Bombshell Miniatures, Maelee the Mechanic is a cast 32mm pewter figure.  The figure comes cast completely in on piece with a separate 30mm ABS circular base.

20150205_165627 (702x800)

The Maelee figure Finely sculpted by Patrick Keith from the design concepts of Tim Collier.  This figure depicts a large wrench-wielding fem-fatale mechanic.  The sculpting is excellent on this piece.  There is some flash left over from the casting process as well as the skin sections of this figure will need a little buffing to smooth out some casting marks.

Prepositionally the figure is made very well in regards to the detailing of her features, especially in this scaling.  The tool belt and wrench tie the theme of this piece altogether.

20150205_165643 (776x800)

Painted by Elizabeth Beckley




Bombshell Miniatures offers a great line of smaller add-on figures with their Sidekicks.  These are supporting characters, if you will, to accompany the main character figures. While some of these Sidekicks are designed to go with certain figures, for the most part these little supporting role pieces can be mixed and matched between the entire line of Bombshell Miniatures if you like.

20150205_165513 (744x800)

I chose Bombshell’s HLpr Bot, model No. 60002,  as a companion for the Maelee character.  This is a 19mm, pewter-cast figure that was designed and sculpted by Patrick Keith.  This little guy is ready to jump in and lend a hand to Maelee as she bangs out her duties with that big wrench she has.

20150205_165537 (794x800)

This is a nicely detailed piece that requires very little cleanup to get started on the painting.  Although this little guy does not come with his own little black ABS base, he does come with an integrated pewter base which allows the figure to stand on its own

Painting by Jessica Rich and Mary Proffit


Bombshell Miniatures continues to provide the modelling community with some amazingly sculpted figures and accessories.  The design of the Maelee character is pleasing and the sculpting to the figure is top notch.  As with just about all cast metal figures, there is a little cleanup to be done before one can paint these fine little miniatures, but this is minimal and can be done rather quickly.  The subject matter is of course excellent when used in conjunction with the Counterblast Gaming platform but can also be used virtually anywhere including as simple as a fine static display.  I recommend the Maelee figure and here little companion I chose to anyone interested in painting miniatures or who is into fantasy gaming.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Bombshell Miniatures for providing these review samples to us.

Please stop by the bombshell Miniatures’ website and have a look at their large selection of figures and sidekicks!Bmbshl_badge


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