Leopard Club News – April 2015

The Leopard Club just announced two NEW sets of aerials to add to Leopard Workshop’s catalog
1 (800x600)
If these are successful, we have ideas for some others!
Unfortunately, we cannot offer the BMK aerials as they are no longer being produced, but these have now been replaced by our own Leopard Workshop products.

Coming Soon!!

We are also due to release a set of Belgian Leopard 1A5BE decals to coincide with Legend’s latest conversion which wouldn’t have happened without Leopard Club’s help.

Links to New Items

LW014 Canadian Leopard C2/C2 MEXAS aerials  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW014/
LW015 Canadian Leopard 2A4M/2A6M CAN aerials  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW015/
LW016 Belgian Leopard 1A5BE decals  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW016/ (not yet live). We will let you know when they are available on the FaceBook page.

Don’t forget the last batch of products

LW008 Leopard 1 Welded Exhaust Grilles  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW008/
LW009 Leopard 1 Cast Exhaust Grilles  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW009/
LW010 Leopard 1 Suspension Upgrade  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW010/
LW011 Leopard 1 Swing Arms  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW011/
LW012 Leopard 1 Export Suspension  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW012/
LW013 Leopard 2 Replacement Wheels  leopardclub.ca/workshop/LW013/


Also new to the shop are HKCW’s set of Leopard 2 individual link tracks which are now something of a collector’s item. First come, first served, or you will miss out on a one-off opportunity. http://leopardclub.ca/reviews/HKCW/Leopard-2-tracks/


Untitled (800x600)

New Reviews include Accurate Armour’s Leopard 2A5DK conversion for Hobby Boss and Tamiya, Y-Modelle’s Leopard 2A7 conversion, Live Resin’s surprise release of early Diehl D139E2 tracks for Leopard 1 and Thomas Anthonsen’s Leopard 2A5DK book. Other important reviews have included Meng’s Leopard 1A5 and RB Models Leopard 2 barrel.


New Spotlights cover an assortment of Danish Leopard 2A5DKs, Swiss Panzer 87s, Belgian Leguan, GVT-04 prototype, Austrian 2A4s, Belgian Leopard 1A5BE and Pioinerpanzer 1.
We have a new feature called In the Field which is related to the Spotlight series, but looks at Leopards in action. Subjects covered are Danish Leopard 1, German 1A2s in Canada, Polish 2A4s and 2A5s, Brazilian Leopard 1 and Dutch Leopard 1NL, amongst others. If you have any detail photos you would like to share, please let us know.

Reader’s Models

Yet another feature new is Reader’s Models. Though we have had this page for  while, it has been pretty dormant, so we have given it some new impetus by adding, and continuing to add, models from readers of all abilities and experience. If you have any models you would like to be considered for the website, please get in touch.

What’s New

All of the move are summarized on the What’s New page where you will find links to everything.
Don’t forget to drop into The Leopard Club Shop for very good prices on very good items! http://leopardclub.ca/Shop/
The Takom Leopard C2 MEXAS will not be restocked once they have gone There are only a few left. You will not find this cheaper anywhere else.
Leopard Club branding

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