North Star Models – U.S. Navy ship anchors


U.S. Navy ship anchors

Item no.: NSA 350143

Scale: 1/350 48 resin parts, 6 sizes, Instruction sheet

MSRP: $9.00 /8.01 €

Review by: Sctratchmod

anchor 0

From North Star Models comes this set of U.S. Navy ship anchors cast in gray resin. Included are four (4) each of six (6) different sizes of anchors. The anchors nicely cast in a light gray color and are in two parts, the anchor and the shaft with shackle. Also included is an instruction sheet showing the various sizes and two variants for assembly. The variants are basically with the shaft vertical and variant B has the shaft on an angle.

Anchor 1

The set comes in a clear plastic bag with the resin parts in a small plastic zip lock bag, and this is protected in the folded instruction sheet.

A quick internet search of U.S. Navy anchors showed that these resin anchors are pretty much spot on. The only thing that does need to be done is to drill out the shackles that are part of the shank. Except for the two smallest sizes it shouldn’t be a problem drilling the shackles.

This set should give the modeler enough anchors for a few ships of various sizes.


Modelers Social Club Forum and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank North Star for providing these review samples!

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