FlyHawk Model – Varyag Cruiser 1904 Detail Set

Varyag (660x473)

FH350001 Varyag Cruiser 1904

Scale: 1/350 Photo Etch detail set, instruction sheet

6 Photo Etch frets – including various types of handrails.

MSRP – $43.53 –  €39.82

Review By: Scratchmod


Short History

The ship was built by an American shipyard William Cramp and Sons of Philadelphia in 1899 for the then Russian Empire. The ship was commissioned with the Russian fleet in January 1901. This ship has an interesting short history, exchanging hands several before ultimately being scrapped. During the Battle of Chemulpo where it fought against the Japanese Fleet in February 1904she was scuttled by her crew to avoid surrender. The ship was later re-floated and commissioned in the Imperial Japanese Navy as the Light Cruiser Soja.

01 Varyag  1901 (600x392)

During World War I, she was transferred back to the Imperial Russian Navy in April 1916 where at this time both countries were allies. The following two years saw the ship being sent to England for over haul, were she was seized by some of its crew. The ship was retaken by British troops and eventually ran aground in 1918. She was refloated and later sold to Germany in 1920, and once again after running aground was eventually scrapped in place from 1923-25.

The Kit:

Varyag (660x473)

This set from FlyHawk is intended for the older Zvesda 9014 kit. Although I suspect it will fit other kits from companies that shared the same molds. This is a very comprehensive photo etch set containing everything one would need to detail the model. At first glance all the etched parts look great and the detail is very thin and more to scale.


So what do we get? The set has all the hand rails needed to replace molded on rails or where missing. The rails look thin and fragile but in this scale there should not be much of an issue bending and curving the rails. The instruction sheet shows the placement of all the hand rails.


Ships 4 funnel stacks details include the cross member rails on the open top as well all the ladders from the bottom to the top of the funnel. There are also the rings located near the top of each funnel. These details are sure to stand out when painted.


The one area thoroughly covered by this set, on two of the frets are the life boat launch davits. The kit parts are not the greatest but could be used when building the kit out of the box. There are lots of large and small parts that make up the 8 large and 8 smaller Davits for the life boats. The set does supply oars for the lifeboats but there is no mention or location for them on the sets instruction sheet.

The set includes supports for the raised bridge house and the bow to stern raised support rails for the lifeboat davits. You also get all the needed ladders with hand rails that will be a huge improvement over the kit ladders. The set contains various other small photo etch parts such as life preserver, hatches, numerous parts to details the masts and more.

The instructions show most of the locations for the PE parts but careful study is the part, how it should be bent and its location. Looking at the model kit instructions and this Photo Etch sets instructions I see no serious problems as far as location of the parts and what they are.


This is a great set for adding a lot of missing detail, or what is poorly represented in the Model kit. The parts all look nicely done with good detail and scale. Further Aftermarket sets will help improve the old kit, but with just this set you will have a much better looking model. I hope to get to build the model using this set later this year.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Flyhawk Models or providing this review sample.

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