Verlinden Productions – Light Poles

In cooperation with Big John’s Scale Modelling, Modelers Social Club is proud to share  a review of Verlinden Productions Light Poles.


Kit – Light Poles (2) Road – Street
Model No. 2823
Scale – 1/35
MSRP – $19.95 US

One of the most recent releases form Verlinden Productions, longtime supplier of cast resin figures, diorama and vignette accessories, is their 1/35 scale Light Poles.


The Light Pole Set has two poles included inside the standard Verlinden Productions end opening white cardboard box. Each pole consists of a 40mm tall, cream colored cast resin base which represents a generic type modern light pole possibly in use around the world today. The bottom of the base piece has a 20mm x 20mm molded block to simulate a concrete footing. Each base unit is molded clean and there are no air bubbles or flash present. In the side of each of these bases is a molded in service door.

Each of these two poles has a two-part pole extension that rises up from the base unit once constructed. The poles are made from styrene tubing. The larger tube, which is used for the bottom section of the pole, is 3.4mm o.d. by 7 inches in length and the upper section is 1.9mm o.d. by 7 inches in length. To create the curved effect of the of the top section of the pole, included in this kit is a length of 14 gauge copper wire that is 8 inches long. The wire is to be cut into two pieces and inserted into the smaller diameter styrene tubing and then bent to the desired shape.

The light sections of these Light Poles have been cast in one piece in cream colored resin. The parts are clean and free from and flask but a small casting block will have to be removed before installation. The lenses for these lights are cast directly into the light units.

This kit includes a small two picture set of instructions defining who the included wire is to be used to create the bend in the styrene tubing.



Verlinden Production continues to pump out more of these little great diorama pieces filling the voids of what is needed by modelers today. In this case, the Light Poles, which are labeled in the instructions as “Modern Light Poles”, would fit well into any modern style diorama city scene virtually from around the world. While the base unit does seem a bit tall in 1/35 scale, the pole extension can actually be cut to any length the builder desires. The detailing of the parts is excellent for what is trying to be represented, a city street light pole. One minor criticism would be with the head pieces to these light poles. I think that a hollowed out light unit with a separate lens might have been a big plus to adding some realism to these poles; however, by simply drilling out the light and adding a clear lens would not be too difficult to accomplish. My final note on this set is the pricing. Two poles for the $19.95 US cost do seem a bit high but if the need arises for a couple of these poles in a diorama, the quality and ease of construction does factor in creating a decent value. I can recommend these Light Poles form Verlinden to anyone looking the shed a bit of “light” into their modern diorama.



Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Big John’s Scale Modeling and Verlinden Productions for providing this review sample!

Big John’s Scale Modeling


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