Bombshell Miniatures – Betty and Shrapnel

betty10005 – Betty

Scale -32mm

Designed by Tim Collier

Sculpted by Patrick Keith

Painted by Jessica Rich

MSRP – $9.99 US

Bombshell Miniatures has been around since 2012 supplying the gaming community with fine collectible figures and accessories. All of their original designs can be used with various role playing games as well as for display in personal collections. Bombshell Miniatures continues to expand their offerings of specially designed figures, accessories and new gaming formats for all.




As part of the Babes Collection of figures from Bombshell Miniatures, the Betty is a 32 mm scale pewter figurine designed by Tim Collier and sculpted by Patrick Keith.  The figure is depicted as the “Fearless bomber pilot of the war torn skies“.  Patrick has done a fantastic job with the adaptation of the figure from the art work creating this exceptional piece.

This Vixen of the Air is cast in white metal and comes with a 30mm ABS plastic disc base for displaying.  This figure is a one-piece casting and requires not construction other than attaching the figure to a base and painting.  The figure is cast very well and is nicely detailed.  There is a small amount of cleanup with regards to seam lines generated from the casting process, but the metal being soft and the lines light, this cleanup would be to a minimum.

As seen above by the finely rendered painting by Jessica Rich, Betty works up nicely into a fine display piece; however has great potential as a gaming figure of course.



Model No. 60006

Scale – 17mm

Designed by Tim Collier
Sculpted by Patrick Keith
Painted by Jessica Rich
MSRP – $2.99

Every heroine needs a good sidekick, and Betty is no different.  From the Sidekick Collection, Bombshell Miniatures offers a selection of little creatures and add on figures that act as friendly companions to the large selection of figures they sell.  All of these Sidekick are pretty much interchangeable to anyone’s liking and are a great way to bring a little extra “something” to a vignette of the gaming board.


Shrapnel is tagged as the “Mischievous aeronautical gremlin” and makes a perfect companion for Betty.  The little guy is cast in white metal and come with an integrated base.  The figure is cast in one piece allowing for a “paint-n-go” set up!

Shrapnel is a playful mini-sidekick with some excellent detailing including a Big Wrench!  There is little to no flash on this figure and cleanup is to a minimum.  Once painted as seen below from the work by Jessica Rich, Shrapnel makes an eye catching display.


I have really liked everything I have seen from Bombshell Miniatures so far, and Betty and here Sidekick Shrapnel are not any different.  The subject matter is original and the fine detailing is great!   There is some cleanup involved with the Betty character, but this is to be expected with soft metal casting and the work is often light.  These figures and of course the Sidekick that are sold from Bombshell are exciting little pieces that would make any figure painter, from novice to expert happy to work with and display when done!   I highly recommend both of these figures to anyone in the need of some unique gaming figures or simply interested in the subject matter!

Highly Recommended!!

Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Bombshell Miniatures for providing these samples for review.

Please stop by the Bombshell Miniature’s website to check out the Betty and Shrapnel figures and more from their large line of creations.


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