Scale Military Modeller International – April 2015 Issue



Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect is proud to present a preview of the April release of Scale Military Modeller International from SAM Publications


April 2015 Issue


We said it was going to be an exciting year for SAM Publications and for readers of ‘Scale Military Modeller’ we are thrilled to welcome Mig Jiminez and his ‘Ammo of MIG team’, and they will be bringing a series of armour builds to our pages. And to kick things off we have an exclusive 5-page article from Mig himself, on how to paint and detail and Egyptian M109! We are also proud to welcome Andrea Miniatures, who will be producing a series of exclusive figure builds, and in this issue we have a superb British Officer from Waterloo built by master painter Carlos Royo. Look out for even more from SMMI next month!


Here are some of the other highlights from the April SMMI


‘Über Die Kante’
 – Florien Mandau and Michael Mandau go ‘Over the Edge’ with this superb 1:35 Brach Model Semovente based step-by-step build


‘Fire in the Hole’ – 
Kevin Potts super details the Dragon M21 Mortar Carrier


‘Les Heavy Metal Français’
 – Marcin Kardaszewski builds a colourful Char B1 Bis using the 1:35 Tamiya kit


Tank Workbench -
’How-To’ build a Wiesel Shooter! –
Leigh Jones takes you step by step through constructing and painting their 1:35 Wiesel LeFlaSys Ozelot


War Zone
 – ‘Zhukov Saves the Day Part 2’
 – Military historian Anthony Tucker-Jones concludes his account of how Zhukov saved Moscow from Hitler’s Panzers


-Like a DUKW to Water’
- Leigh Jones uses the 1:35 Italeri DUKW and some Deluxe Materials products to create an imaginative scene


‘Scout’s Honour’ -
Keith Forsyth builds the 1:35 HobbyBoss M3A1 Early Version


Working with Multi-Media Kits
- In the first of a short series Mark Dollery shows you ‘How-To’ work with different modelling mediums


Modellers Social Club – Model of the Year Winner


Plus our unrivaled News, Previews and Reviews coverage and much, much more.


For more details on SMMI and other SAM Publications magazines and books, go to:



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