Nuts Planet – Mother of Dragons

Model No. NP-B011
Scale: 1/10th
Pieces: 11
Sculpted by Hyun-Ju Kim
MSRP – $68.00 US (From Last Cavalry)

Reviewed by Łukasz Ziółkowski


I really enjoyed “A song of Ice and Fire” book saga and TV series “Game of Thrones” based on those books. That is why I pay close attention to all modelling releases connected to them. One of the companies that realized related kits was Nuts Planet. At first they have issued two busts and after a year two more followed. Deanerys Targaryen is forth of them and first one to resemblance a woman.

Name “Mother of Dragons” suggest strait away that this bust will feature Khalesi which was played by Emilia Clarke. Just like previous busts this one is also in 1/10 scale and it is packed in cardboard box with photo on top. Jun-Sik Ahn did a stunning job on the sculpt and the box-art was painted by Myeong-Ha Hwang.

Box is filled with black foam and under first layer you find dragons wings and his tail and claws packed in small bag.
Other parts are under next layer of foam. This time they are bigger (torso, hair, head, dragons body and pin)
Eleven parts are cast in grey resin. Their quality and precision is of the highest level.

Head is very nicely sculpt. Face features allow you to recognize actress straight away. All thou the hair is very delicate there is a lot of detail on it.

Back part of the hair is magnificent just like the rest.
Torso ideally represent the small physics of Deanerys.

Young dragon which is located on here shoulder is highly detailed.

Wings of the dragons are rather thin and non the less they have a lot of features.
Tail is not standing out with the lack of detail.
Smallest parts of the set are dragons claws and pendant.
Last element if this set is pin for mounting the base on to another pedestal.  You can see that this set contains many parts. Mainly because of the young dragon that is included, which will certainly make this piece stand out among others. High quality of the cast and the enormous amount of detail became a trade mark for this company. Just like in the case of the Imp the only missing part for me is the characterized pin for the bust which were included in the first two busts from this series.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Łukasz Ziółkowski for providing us with his review of Nuts Planet’s Mother of Dragons!

MSC 1 Bullet-Reloaded-Military-Wallpapers - Copy - Copy

This and other selections from Nuts Planet can be found at Last Cavalry


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