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3D Model Parts is a US based company that provides design and manufacturing of 3D printed parts for the scale modelling community.  Some of their offerings include scale armor, ship, auto and aircraft detailing accessories as well as providing 3D printing services to  model suppliers, manufacturers and hobbyists.

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Recently I started out on a new modelling venture with the building the USS Arizona in 1/700 scale and was looking to spruce some of the minute detailing of the kit as the traditional 1/700 scale kits can only go so far in providing some of the finely detailed parts, like many of the ship secondary armaments.  In one of my blogs on the Model Shipwrights Forum, one of the members showed me some 3D printed parts for the USS Arizona that he was using.  I was intrigued with these new parts and thought, since I was already looking to improve the kit, this was great way to start. Taking the plunge, I ordered a couple of items from 3D Model parts and see for myself how the parts looked.  I wanted to take the time to put together a little review of these products and share something new with my ship modelling friends!



1/700 Scale – 5″/25 Caliber, 5″/51 Caliber and .50 Caliber Water-Cooled Machine Guns


1/700 5-inch-25 Guns (8 pcs)


Model No. U708

Quantity – Standard – 8 pieces

                 Option 2 – 12 Pieces

MSRP – $7.49 – (8 pieces) / $9.95 (12 pieces)


The 1/700 5-inch-25 Guns from 3D models is a 3D rendered styrene set to replace battleship and cruiser 5″/25 Caliber Mark 10 deck guns.  3D models offers two sets to choose from; an 8-piece and a 12-piece sets.  The 5″/25 Caliber gun barrels are created separate from the Mark 10 mountings allowing for more detailing and ease of painting of the parts.


This set is sold in a hard, end-opening plastic tube which protects the parts during shipping.  The parts are contained altogether on one wafer.   It is suggested that all parts be washed before painting and they can be attached to corresponding parts and your model by way of Cyanoacrylate (CA) or White Glue (PVA).  The wafer itself has been designed with the turbulence created from light airbrush in mind as the parts are separated accordingly.



1/700 5-inch/51 Caliber Guns – (10+ pcs)


Model No. U730

Quantity – 12 pieces

MSRP – $7.49  (12 pieces)


3D Model Parts has recreated the 5″/51 Caliber gun with the P-13 mounting in 1/700 scale.  This is to replace the open air deck guns on any US Battleship prior to and leading into the Second World War.  As seen with the 5″/25 Caliber guns I mentioned above, the parts are sold in a protective clear plastic tube and the parts are attached to a small plastic wafer.

The level of detailing is an improvement from the soft detail moldings of the kit supplied parts.  Each set comes with 12 guns, which is enough to use on many battleship build needing this gun replacement.  The same configuration seen on the 5″/25’s where the parts are separated on the wafer allows for easier painting with an airbrush.


1/700 .50-Caliber Water-Cooled Machine Guns (Pedestal Mount) – 20+ pcs.


Model No. U712

Quantity – 20 pieces

MSRP – $3.95  (20 pieces)


One of the more interesting offering from 3D Model Parts is their 1/700 .50″/90 Caliber BMG M2 Water-Cooled Machine Guns.  In this scale, the .50 caliber machine gun was  at best a thin plastic rod on a plastic post of a mount.  3D Model Parts has been able to cleanly print a 1/700 scale version with the standard pedestal mount as it was seen on many ships both before, during and after the Second World War.

As with the other sets sold from 3D Model Parts, the pieces come in the same clear plastic tube for protection.  The parts are all created on one single wafer for easier painting and construction.  The gun and pedestals are created separately and will need to be put together before installation.  One thing I did notice is that with a slight adjustment in lengthening the barrel, the mounting would work for replicating the 3″ flag guns still installed in many of the older battleships before WWII.



I am extremely happy with the fact I took the chance and ordered up a few of these sets of 3D printed 1/700 scale guns from 3D Model Parts.  The parts are cleanly rendered and virtually free from any cleanup for the most part.  The  layout of the parts are a big plus making it much easier to add color when the time comes.  I cannot forget about the value of these little gems; for under $20 US you can resupply your 1/700 scale WWII era battleship with some amazing crisp detailing…and that is including shipping by the way.  3D models does calculate shipping to each customer individually giving the best possible option for delivery and pricing.  I highly recommend these replacement guns for anyone needing to upgrade their soft-molded kit parts.

I would like to thank myself for providing these 3D Model Part gun replacements for this review and a big thanks to the folks at 3D Model Parts for creating a great looking product at a value price!  Please stop by their website soon and check out some of their other great offerings or if you need a hand in having any 3D design and printing done!



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