Berlin Bridgehead – Resin cast by Alex Friedrich


Berlin Bridgehead

Mastered and Casting by: Alex Friedrich

Scale: 1/35 (54mm) Resin castings with foam core

Review by: Scratchmod


In Box review, painting review to follow at some point in the very near future.

This is an item from Alex Friedrich that he has posted on Facebook that he mastered and cast in full resin. He has done an outstanding job painting and weathering the one he is doing and showing on Facebook, so I contacted him to see if I could get one for review since I thought it was an exceptional piece. Although not yet officially a product available since he is still working on his website he agreed to send me a review piece.

This is one big one piece casting with a small crèame colored resin decorative piece, and measures roughly 6x6x3 inches. With a resin piece this big you would expect it to be very heavy but Alex has ingeniously cast this piece with a foam core that not only saves on resin but also reduces the weight considerably. There was a color print of the painted piece that can be used as a reference for painting as I assume the real thing was in the same color of brick.

The bridgehead represents a section of a bridge in Berlin that is built mainly of bricks and Alex has scribed all the bricks on this one and I know how much work that takes. The casting is not one hundred percent perfect, but what is. There are some very small air bubble holes here and there but a tiny drop of CA will fill these easily. The left lower side shows some mis-scribed brick lines but it doesn’t look too bad and can also be fixed or concealed.

The top of the bridgehead is capped with large stone rectangular stone with two steps down to I assume would be earth. There is a ledge of sorts on the top of the left side where the small resin decorative piece is to be glued onto, or omitted.

This piece is perfect for weathering in the form earth, moss etc on the top section and the ledges and corners. This also just the right thing for adding propaganda posters, advert posters and other printed material, except for spray painted graffiti, that’s a modern thing for those who disrespect property. I have some items from past reviews of Reality In Scale and Plus Model printed material that I will be using on this piece and possibly a figure or two, or even maybe a small vehicle of some kind.


Besides the small thing like the air bubble holes, you fine this in resin casting now and then, this is a very nice piece that is perfect for a small Vignette with some figures or part of a small or large diorama with vehicles.

I will be painting this piece and will do a painting review to add to this in box review. At this time there is not yet an official website from Alex. For availability and price contact Alex Friedrich through facebook.


One thought on “Berlin Bridgehead – Resin cast by Alex Friedrich

  1. Thanks much for the review, Rob! I look forward to your version of the bridgehead! FYI, the small piece is one of the actual steel bases for the steel bridge that has long ceased to exist. For people who want to contact me via facebook, make sure my last name is Friedrich, not Freidrich 😉


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