K4 – 2015…into the Future

In this Golden Age of modelling, there are an amazing amount of products to choose from.  One area of growth that we have seen is in the painting and weathering market.  I want to share with you one such new company that recently jumped into the modelling arena; K4.  2015 should prove a very interesting year for K4.  They are currently working on expanding their operation and are looking forward to the future; providing a quality paints and weathering products and getting them into the hands of the modeller.


K4, base in the country of Chile, started out a couple years back but it was only recently at this past summer’s IMPS National Convention that K4 took the crucial jump into the painting and weathering market.  At this show Richard Ordenes, CEO and manufacturer, brought his new products to show the modelling world.  At the time, K4 had several sets of paints as well as a decent line of pigments to offer.  Today, this offering of paints has grown to over 32 original sets of paints which are geared to almost all genre of model building.  It would not take long for Richard and K4 to completely sell out of all of his product he brought to the show.

Upon returning to Chile after the show, K4 was propelled into a whole new direction.  Requests began to pour in from around the world; all looking to give the new paint shot.  At the present,the South American market has the greatest access to these paints, but this is hoping to change soon.

K4 paints are water-based acrylic colors based on the standard color systems already in place today  including FS, RAL, RLM numbers and more.  Each of the color sets offered contain 6 bottles of paint geared to a particular subject.

  • Aircraft: WWII to Modern
  • Armor WWII to Modern
  • Gundam
  • Assorted Colors

The Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect has received a few different sets of paints from K4 and are working to provide comprehensive reviews of these new sets in the near future.  Until then, feel free to check out K4’s Facebook Page and see many of their products already in use and ask them any questions you might have.  If you are interested in any of the K4 line, you can contact find them on the MIRAX Hobbies website or by contacting K4 directly through their Facebook page.

Mirax Hobbies




4 thoughts on “K4 – 2015…into the Future

    • Hi Adrian,

      Yes, traditional methods used to thin water-based acrylics will work…a mix of water and alcohol works just fine; however, in most if not all of the paints are designed to be able to use straight from the bottle.



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      • Probably more complicated than using these paints, is try to buy them. Mirax doesnt sell internationally and the owner is a bit hard to contact. Had to ask to my relatives in Chile to get them and post to the UK.

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  1. I agree with you Adrian, they are a bit difficult to come by at the moment. Te owner is moving forward to establish distributorship outside of South America at the moment. I will actually inquire where they stand right now on widening their coverage. 🙂

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