Nuts Planet – Hand The Imp

Review by Łukasz Ziółkowski 

Hand The Imp

Model No. NP-B010

Scale – 1/10

MSRP – 49.00 € / $55.00 US

The company Nutsplanet recently released a line of busts on  two characters from the series Game Of Thrones. The represented John Snow and Tywin Lannister. I purchased both of them quickly and I was stunned by the quality and details that those sculpt had. From that moment I hoped that they will continue these line with other characters from that series. After a year it happened and they released Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen.

The first bust is called Hand The Imp and represents Imp, which was on of the characters in the series by Peter Dinklage. Kit is made in 1/10 scale and like other sets this one is also packed in cardboard box which both strong and nice looking. Sculpt was done by Jun-Sik Ahn and the box art was painted by Myeong-Ha Hwang.

After opening the box we find three pieces of grey resin packed in foam for protection during transport.

You can clearly see that though there are only three elements, but they are of the highest quality. Casting blocks are small and there are basically no mold lines.

Head perfectly resembles off the character played by the actor and him. His lush hair which is neatly sculpted will only make it easy to paint it. They also capture book descriptions and series characterization.

The torso is very detailed. The raiment has a lot of small detail along with delicate clasps. You can also clearly see the pin which was given by the king. It represents the position and the fact that person wearing it is kings ad visor and performs his duties.

Last part is the post to attach the bust to a base. It is nicely turned and it is very smooth. This is very similar to the ones offered by other companies.



Summarizing, Hand The Imp it is another fine kit offered by Nuts Planet and is of the highest world standards. The accuracy to which they represented the character and the amount of details says it all. They only thing that this bust is lacking is a stylized holding pin which first two busts had.




Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Łukasz Ziółkowski for providing this review of Nuts Planet’s Hand the Imp!



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