Bombshell Miniatures – Professor Karrick



Scale -32mm

Model No. 10020

Designed by Patrick McEvoy

Sculpted by Patrick Keith

MSRP – $9.99 US





Bombshell Miniatures has been around since 2012 supplying the gaming community with fine collectible figures and accessories. All of their original designs can be used with various role playing games as well as for display in personal collections. Bombshell Miniatures continues to expand their offerings of specially designed figures, accessories and new gaming formats for all.


Professor Karrick



The Professor Karrick figurine is a 32mm, pewter cast figure from Bombshell Miniature’s Babes Collection. Professor Karrick was designed by Patrick McEvoy through this his concept art. (shown above)




The figure was then brought to life through the sculpting’s of Patrick Keith, owner of Bombshell Miniatures. This figure is a one-piece casting, so there is no assembly required. She is adorned several Victorian type items to give her a Steampunkish quality and feel.



The figure is cast very well. I noticed only a small amount of flash, typical to the casting process, present only on the hose leading to the gun and on the bottom of the lamp. Clean up of the figure is fairly straightforward; a simple sanding here and there with a sanding stick and a buffing smooths things out quite nicely.  The figure comes with a 30mm ABS plastic base to display it on.



This is Professor Karrick as painted by Martin Jones



Sidekicks – Warfare Wombat



Size – 20mm

Model No.60018

MSRP – $2.99 US


Bombshell Miniatures offers a fine line of sidekicks to accessorize the figures in their collection. One such figure that might be a good choice to accompany the Professor Karrick figure is the Warfare Waombat sidekick.


The Warfare Wombat is a one-piece, 20mm pewter cast model. Although this little guy is geared for interstellar plundering and domination, the design qualities could easily and seamlessly fit well within the concept of the Professor Karrick .


This little Wambat figure is finely rendered holding a rather large piece of hardware with an exciting action pose as if on the attack. Here is a fine example of the Warfare Wombat as sculpted and painted by its creator Patrick Keith





I feel Bombshell miniatures certainly hit the mark with their Professor Karrick figure. The Steampunk concept is very pleasing and mirrored in the sculpting of the figure which is excellent. As with just about all casting, there is some minor cleaning of the figure but this is painlessly completed easily through sanding and buffing resulting in a finely crafted display piece. I highly recommend this figure to anyone looking for a beautiful addition to their gaming repertoire or static display collection!


The Sidekick figures offered from Bombshell Miniatures are fantastic accompaniments for the Babes or other collections. The Warfare Wombat, in my option, fits the part as a great sidekick to the Professor Karrack figure as well as for possible use with a more space-related gaming subject


Highly Recommended





Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Bombshell Miniatures for providing this review sample.





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