RN Estudio – Alice




Model No. MS003RN Estudio

Scale: 70mm

MSRP – 25,00 EUR / $28.00 US



RN Estudio is constantly moving forward and releasing new and exciting creations. One soon to be released figure I am fortunate to be able to take a look at is Alice.  The Alice figure is a Limited Edition, 70mm cast resin figure; and while I am not sure if this is a loosely based 3D interpretation of author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson classic book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the the background hinting of large mushrooms along with the name,  might suggest this.

The figure comes packaged in RN Estudio’s standard sturdy, flip-top hard plastic peg-board display box.  The parts are protected within by a square foam insert.  There are seven light grey cast resin parts to this kit that make up the Alice figure.  This figure has be rendered in RN Estudio’s 3D Design process and created using their HD Cast systems.

The figure is broken down into the standard segmenting of a body with separate legs, arms and head.  Along with the figure is a large sun hat for Alice to hold or possibly wear.  Upon taking a closer look, there is some very nice detailing that RN Estudio has bee able to capture using their systems of figure creation.  The beach sandals on Alice’s feet are nicely rendered showing the straps as her foot lifts up to walk.  The front and back of Alice’s swim-top have suspended detailing allowing for a bit more realism to the piece.

RN Estudio employs the use of square type key-wedge connections to the limbs and head.  I have found, from my past experience with the RN Estudio line of figures, that this system works excellent for securing the joint.  On this Alice figure there is nothing too different about the connections with the exception of the right arm was a little tight to fit on and some trimming was needed.

There are a few typical casting blemishes that will need to be dealt with on this figure which is commonly seen with almost all resin casting.  First being a mold seam line which traverses the figure body and legs down each side.  The seam if light and the resin used is soft enough to easily remove with a light sanding.  Some of the trickier clean up will come on the right arm and neck area of the figure.  If you have worked with figures in the past, you know this to be fairly common when making joints on expenditures of the figures, especially when the joints are in areas not covered by clothing.

All in all, I have to say that Alice is a lovely piece offered by RN Estudio.  The figure itself is present in an eye pleasing and relaxed pose.  The casting, while having a few minor mold seam lines which are typical from the casting process, is excellent and delicate.  Special care is needed in removing the casting blocks which lead to the straps on the back of the bikini top as well as the ring on the front and around both of the feet where they interact with the sandals.  The keen eyed individual will notice the ties are missing on the back of my construction of this figure.  This was not as a result of removing the casting blocks, but rather my clumsy handling of the figure while I attempted to place the figure for photographing.   I will make and attempt to correct this with some fine wire of molding clay before painting.


I Highly Recommend this figure.  Aside from the minor clean up the size and rendering of this piece is excellent and would certainly be perfect addition to anyone’s static display.  Anyone who enjoys not only the subject matter, but enjoys working with skin tones as there is plenty of exposed flesh to work with.  The simple construction, size and a decent value pricing, would also make this a great piece for someone starting out on figures or learning the art of figure painting.


Highly Recommended


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank RN Estudio for providing this review sample.  I you are interested in this piece or would like to see what else RN Estudio has to offer, please stop by their website and have a look around!

RN Estudio






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