RN Estudio – Odin


Model No. REF00017

Scale – 28mm

MSRP – 10,00 EUR / $11.85 US


Based in Spain, RN Estudio are the makers of finely made miniatures as well as offering a number of services to the gaming and collecting community including 3D Printing, 3D Sculpting, Casting, Painting and Crowdfunding Management.

RN Estudio



Continuing the Fantasy Football Series of 28mm figures, RN Estudio presents ODIN.  This is a 28mm figure designed in 3D and cast in resin. Odin is sold in a clear flip-top plastic blister pack with a foam insert for the protection of the figure.

The Odin figure requires some assembly.  There are five pieces in this kit; the single cast body, two options for weapons and a 25mm ABS disc base.

The Body of the figure is cast almost entirely from one piece.  The only parts needing to be attached are the one of two options of hands with weapons attached; Duel knuckle blades or warriors spear.  Both the figure and optional hands are finely cast in grey colored urethane resin.  There is very little clean up to this kit, most of any flash that is present, is on the sprear only.  There is no visible air bubbles present.

One of the best designs RN Estudio employs with their figures is the attachment points for various parts.  In this case, the hands.  The are square shape key wedges,with both a mail and female corresponding parts, to allow for a snug fit between parts.  With this ODIN figure, the hands are almost snug enough to not secure with adhesive allowing for interchangeable weapons if one is to use the figure for gaming purposes.

20150107_172055As you would guess, the construction of the ODIN figure is straightforward and simple.

20150109_170205The figure is highly detailed and the features are very crisp and looks great with either the spear attachment or duel knuckle blades.



 RN Estudio has some of the most eye catching original figure designs.  The casts are consistently clean and crisp, often with very little clean up;  The ODIN figure holds true to this consistency.  The one-piece cast to the body is beautifully rendered with several layered details and other than one small seam line on a flat section of the left shoulder plate and a tiny amount of flash, typical of thee casting process, this figure is perfect. What seems to be based on ” The Furious One”, the Norse God called Odin, this figure  would make a fine addition to anyone’s static display or gaming table!  The well-defined detailing and value pricing to this figure is sure to please any miniature figure painters out there who are interested in this theme.  I highly Recommend this piece!

Highly Recommended!

MSC would like to than RN Estudio for providing this review sample.

RN Estudio


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