Masterpiece Models ~ 1/35 The Corr-U-Gator© Review


Model – MMTL002

Scale – 1/35 (could be used for other scales)

MSRP – $24.99




Masterpiece Models, based in Vancouver, WA USA, are manufacturers of cast resin assembly kits and diorama accessories for the modelling community. Along with the ever growing list of creations being manufactured and sold, Masterpiece Models produces a large selection of Custom Dioramics’ line which they have acquired the rights to. All kits, tools and accessories are manufactured on site at their Vancouver Location.

The Corr-U-Gator©

20141223_215557 - Copy

Masterpiece Models not only fabricates a large selection of kits and accessories, they also produce tools for the model maker. One such tool is The Corr-U-Gator©. The Corr-U-Gator© is a multi-piece, cast resin tool used for the personal fabrication of corrugated metal panels used in many wall and roof constructions for modeler’s dioramas or vignettes.

The Corr-U-Gator©, Model No. MMTL002, is sold as a set consisting of the following:


  • 1 – Sheet Template (Resin)
  • 1 – Lower Sheet Press (Resin)
  • 1 – Upper Sheet Press (Resin)
  • 1 – 6 in. x 6 in. Lead Foil


The set is sold in a sturdy flip top cardboard box and although the The Corr-U-Gator© is a rugged tool being cast from resin, the tool is packed within bubble wrap to keep the tool protected during shipping.


Corrugated Aluminum and Sheet Metal Background

Dating back to about the early part of the 19th Century, corrugated panels have been used to keep the elements out of homes and places of work through use as roofing and wall panels. Originally the corrugated galvanized iron, or CGI, was created by passing galvanized iron through a manually operated roller press forming the corrugations. Toward the end of the century the industry shifted to using steel and later a whole host of different materials to create these widely used panels.



Widely used during WWI and WWII for the construction of many military installations, none more notable than the Nissan Hut and slightly improved upon later Quonset Hut, corrugated steel and aluminum panels were lightweight, easy to construct and a cost efficient way to protect troops, supplies and munitions from the elements.


The Corr-U-Gator© is designed to replicate, in similar fashion, the corrugated panels commonly used throughout the world in 1/35 scaling. The process consists of using the provided panel template to accurately and consistently cut out rectangular sections of the kit supplied lead foil.



The lead foil is then placed on smaller flat corrugated base press. The panel template provided with the kit allows for the piece of foil to fit perfectly with in the lower jig every time. The upper press is then used by pressing firmly down onto the foil in the lower section of the jig. The curvature of the top press aids in the molding of the panels with a simple rocking back and forth motion of the upper section on top of the lower.  Please note:  The “1/35” impressions located on the end of both press sections must be lined up in order to correctly form the corrugated panels.

20141223_215746 - Copy

The process is extremely simple and highly effective making for a consistent means for replicating lap-seam metal corrugated panels. The lead foils provided is a user friendly product to work with as it cuts easy and it is very malleable; however, there are other metals that will work in the Corr-U-Gator© that give similar results. By using aluminum foil the finished product is a bit lighter and slightly more resistant to creasing and denting…if the intent is for a clean panel look. Like the lead foil, aluminum foil can be easily bent into various shapes depending on the look you are going for including dented, creased or curved panels. To add a bit more realism to the panels, small holes can be drilled to simulate fastening patterns or the installation of rivets, or hex or round fastener heads can be added.


Please check out this video to see the Corr-U-Gator©  in action



I feel the Corr-U-Gator© is one of the best new tools I have come across in a while. This highly effect tool used for the creation of 1/35 scale metal lap-seam panels for any diorama or vignette is cast durably from solid resin and the simplistic design allows for easy use by all. While the lead foil provided is an excellent product to use and replacements can be obtained through Masterpiece Models, a commercial grade aluminum foil seems to be ideal as well and even the use of kitchen grade foil wrap or even thin gauge brass shim stock could do the job just as nice.

So in the end my decision to recommend the Corr-U-Gator© comes down to the “almighty 3”…Quality, Value and Service. Masterpiece Models has definitely met all three of my criteria with the Corr-U-Gator©; the cast product should last due to the solid, quality-cast design, the product is decently priced at $24.99 US and finally the service including the shipping and the condition of the delivered product rounds it all off with an excellent rating from me. I Highly Recommend the Corr-U-Gator© to anyone looking to create corrugated metal panels for their project!!


Highly Recommended



Modelers Social Club would like to thank Masterpiece Models for providing The Corr-U-Gator© for review here on the MSC Review Connect!


If you get the chance to, stop by Masterpiece Models and check out their growing list of models and accessories as well as their tools!


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