Sharky and friends

MSC is proud to present Shawn Gehling’s build review of RN Estudio’s 28mm Sharky figure.  Shawn previously reviewed the Sharky figure here on the MSC Review connect and took the plunge at painting and placing the figure into a neat little diorama.

Sharky and friends

By Shawn W. Gehling
Sharky is 28mm figure from RN Estudio, makers of fine resin cast figure for the Fantasy and Gaming Community, and is part of their Blood Bowl Fantasy football collection.


The Kit

Contains 1 figure and 1 (25mm) round base with little or no flash selling unfinished for 8,00 Euro. (finished model offered for a special price on the RN Estudio website)  Sharky is sold in a top opening hard plastic box.

This figure is also sold as part of the “Fantasy Football” Blood Bowl series and comes with a spiked football for 10,00 Euro.

The Sharky miniature is cast in one piece from resin.  Out of the box the figure is crisply cast and with little to no flash.  Due to the 3D rendering design, the fine details such as the muscle structure and teeth show great definition.


He was modified by removing the molded on rock from under his foot, and he was given a spear.

1 Sharky primer

The Knights and all the weapons are from various Games Workshop/Citadel WARHAMMER 40K figures and parts.
All figures were cleaned up and sprayed with a basic Light Grey primer. They were then pained their various colors and each was given a black wash to show more detail.

SHARKY was given a Dark Grey upper body color (like a lot of sharks) and a light grey lower body color.

7 Sharky with black wash (1)
Pink was painted in his mouth and his teeth were painted white.  His eyes and claws were painted Yellow.  His sword (in the Blue knight’s chest) is Metallic Gold/Copper/Metallic black, Grey and White.  His spear is Metallic Silver and Wood Brown.
THE BLUE KNIGHT was painted an overall Metallic Blue.

8 Blue Kinght basic paint9 Blue Knight with Black Wash (1)
His gloves, boots and joints are a Metallic Black.
His breast plate is Copper and White.
His skull staff is light Metallic Black and White.
His sword is Metallic Silver/Copper/White and Metallic Black.
THE GREEN KNIGHT was painted an overall Metallic Green.

11 .3Green Knight Basic paint

His gloves, boots, and joints are a Metallic Black.
His breast plate is Copper.
His shield is Light Metallic Green/Metallic Green/Gold/Copper and White.
His sword is Metallic Silver/Copper/Metallic Black/Brown and Metallic Green.
Acrylic paints used:
Folk Art Metallic (Blue Sapphire, Christmas Green, Silver Sterling, Antique Copper, Silver Sterling, Gunmetal Grey & non-metallic Black for Metallic Black and Peridot).
Apple Barrel Non Metallic (Bubble Gun for Pink, White, Black, Nutmeg Brown, Mocha Brown for wood and Yellow).

The Base

6 base with cut outs
The base is a 4 13/16th X 6 13/16th inch (for displaying 3’ x 5”) picture frame from the dollar store. The glass has been removed and replaced with foam core board. The knights impressions have been put in the foam core board to show them knocked down and or dead and sunk into the groundwork.

13 Base basic layout (1)(1)112 Head stones with black wash

The foam core board was covered with a mixture of spackle (dry wall repair paste) and brown paint. It was then smeared all around. The two knights were then pressed into the mixture to make them part of the groundwork. Dark green “Static Grass” and Medium Green “Field Grass” (both from Woodland Scenics) were then added over a coat of “Mod Podge” Matte water based sealer/glue & finish (thick white glue). The head stones are from “LEMAX” Spooky Town (Christmas/Halloween village accessories) I purchased at our local Michael’s Craft store. They seemed to set the tone from an old graveyard. The ground work, headstones and figures were given a light dry brushing of dirt/dust to blend them into the scene. All in all it was a joy to plan and build this little scene and Sharky and the other figures were an outstanding build.


Sharky and friends


Sharky and friends base  close-up

 MSC would like to thank Shawn for taking the time to make up this great little diorama for us using RN Estudio’s Sharky 28mm figure!


Please take the time to swing by RN Estudio’s website and see the many other fine quality figure they have to offer!

RN Estudio



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