Pen & Sword books ~ HMS BELLEROPHON



Author: Colin Pengelly
ISBN 178346240-X

Published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd.

MSRP – £15.99/ $25.00

This book is about the proud 74 gun ship of the line HMS Bellerophon and her history and reputation in the twenty years of war against the French Revolution and Napoleon.


This book HMS BELLEROPHON, written by Colin Pengelly and published by Pen & Sword (Maritime) books Ltd of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, (UK). Appears to be an excellent reference book for anyone who is interested in sailing ships of that era. It covers the HMS BELLEROPHON in great depth.

The book has in Preface by Professor Christopher lloyd. The Author’s Foreword, and ten (10) chapters covering:



  1. Construction
  2. Life on board a Sailing Ship
  3. Skirmishing with the French
  4. 1794-1796 – The Glorious First of June
  5. With Cornwallis and Bridport in the Channel
  6. The battle of the Nile
  7. Trafalgar
  8. The Long Blockade
  9. In Northern Waters
  10. Surrender of Napoleon

It also has three (3) Appendix sections:

  1. Captains and Flag Officer who served in the Bellerophon 1791-1815
  2. List of sources
  3. Glossary

An Index section.

The book consists of Three Hundred and three (303) pages, twenty two (22) Illustrations and one (1) map of the plan of the Battle of Trafalgar at 12:45pm.

The HMS BELLEROPHON had a long and distinguished career between 1793-1815 which placed here in the midst of the French Revolutionary War as well as the Napoleonic War. One of the biggest stake in history other than the Battle of Trafalgar was she was being able to receiving the honor of having Napoleon himself climb aboard and surrender effectively ending the Napoleonic wars after his defeat. The text is entirely in English. I found it to be an excellent reference guide for those looking for information on this famous ship and her history in that pivotal era in history.

I really enjoyed the insight into life onboard a ship during this era (Chapter 2) and the history of the battle of Trafalgar (Chapter 7). If you enjoy a good read and even if you are not a huge fan of this era of sailing ships. HMS Bellerophon is a great book.

MSC would like to thank Pen & Sword Books for supplying us with a copy of this book for review!

Pen & Sword


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