Verlinden Productions – Celtic Warrior



Scale – 1/32

Model No. 2810



Verlinden Productions has been providing the modelling community with finely resin cast figures and diorama accessories for many years now. Just in time for Christmas 2014, Verlinden is releasing a number of new items to their list of growing figure kits. One of these new releases is the Celtic Warrior kit, #2810.


Celtic Warrior


The Celtic Warrior figure is a cast resin piece in 1/32 scale. The figure depicts a Celtic warrior in a full on battle stance with sword in his right hand and a less than fortunate foe’s head in the other.


This figure is broken down into 10 separate pieces including a small base for mounting the finished figure to. The arms, legs and head are separate and include small round wedge-like circular posts for snug proper fitting of the joints.


Each piece of cast resin included in this set has been rendered cleanly and free from flash and there are no visible mold seams to remove. There are casting blocks still attached to the figure that will need to be removed prior to construction and some light clean up to smooth out the areas afterwards.


Construction of the Celtic Warrior figure is straightforward and relatively quick as once the cleanup after removing the casting blocks the parts just fall into place. While the figure is light enough to superglue the feet into position on the base, it is best to probably use a small piece of wire as a set pin to secure the figure firmly in place.





I feel the Celtic Warrior figure from Verlinden Productions is a well-made and finely cast resin figure with plenty of nice detailing throughout. The Celtic Warrior appears to be a sort of re-release of a figure that was part of one of Verlinden’s previously released sets, #1798 Victorious Celt Vignette. For me, the issuing of a previously released item does not diminish how I view this kit in its quality as I can appreciate the simple value of the single figure offering as a vignette base setting is not always wanted. I recommend the Celtic Warrior for anyone, from beginner to expert, who enjoys 54mm scale figure painting and/or the subject matter at hand.


Modelers Social Club and the MSC Review Connect would like to thank Big John’s Scale Modeling and Verlinden Productions for providing this review to us.




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