Verlinden Productions – Luftwaffe Field Marshall Herman Goering


Model No. 2811
Scale – 120mm (1/16)


Born in 1893, Hermann Wilhelm Göring would rise to power in the Nazi Party to become second in command under Adolf Hitler after helping the Führer into office in 1933.  Göring, one of the most enigmatic people of the 20th Century, would is best know for the creation of the feared Gestapo otherwise known as the Geheime Staatspolizei or SS.  Among many of his personal accomplishments Hermann Göring would achieve the rank of commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe but would fall from grace with the failing of two fronts during the war. With the self-removal from the political as well of the military duties around 1942, Göring thought he would have the chance to succeed Adolf Hitler. After being informed of Hitler’s planned suicide, Göring requested that control over the Reich be given to him.  Upon receiving the news from Hitler, Göring requested that control over the Reich be given to him. Hitler denied this request by stripping Göring of all rank and duties ordering him arrested on site for treason. Hermann Wilhelm Göring would be soon captured and put on trial for war crimes to which he would receive a sentence of death by hanging; however, he would never make it to the execution. Hermann Wilhelm Göring committed suicide by a lethal dose of Cyanide in his cell the day before he was to be executed.

Verlinden Productions Luftwaffe Field Marshall Herman Göring

Luftwaffe Field Marshall Herman Göring, model No. 2811 from Verlinden Productions is a full resin figure kit in 120mm (1/16) Scale. This figure kit depicts Field Marshall Göring his black dress uniform he wore on several occasions throughout his career. Judging from the attire, he would have worn this attire in or about 1939 or so.

This full resin kit comes broken down into sixteen pieces that once constructed produce a figure and base with a total height just less than six inches. The majority of the kit parts is cast cleanly and free from flash; however are some small bubbles of resin located on the hands.

Each of the parts has their casting blocks still attached, which will have to be removed followed by a light sanding. Upon construction of the figure, all of the parts fit snuggly and seat very well against their corresponding parts.



After having a good look at Verlinden Productions Luftwaffe Field Marshall Herman Göring kit, model 2811, I do feel this is a quality made cast resin figure. The features are pleasing for the scale and the casting itself is clean with the exception of some small resin bubbles located on the hands.

While I do like the quality of this piece I need to mention this kit, Model No. 2911, seems to be another in the long line of reissued kits from Verlinden Productions. Herman Göring was previously released under Model No. 764 with a slight name change and appears to be the same casting in the new kit as seen in the old.

I recommend the Verlinden Productions Luftwaffe Field Marshall Herman Göring kit, model 2811, as a quality made kit and should make some collectors and/or enthusiasts of German WWII military figures happy to have on display in their personal collections.


MSC would like to thank Big John’s Scale Modelling and Verlinden Productions for Providing this review to us.



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