RN estudio From Wasteland Survivors Miniatures Campaign

Portada HD From Wasteland  DEFINITIVA 1


From Wasteland is the newest Campaign of 3D designed and HD Cast figures from RN Estudio!  This new set of figures is sure to please the Post Apocalyptic fan in all of us!!

There are eight new figures designed for this set.  Each have been uniquely created using RN Estudios 3D design processes rendering high quality and crisply detailed figures.

About RN Estudio

RN estudio is a very important painting company, also we do 3D sculpt, the best

3D printings and HD resin cast.  We helped other companies to have success in their crowdfunding projects, we work in more than 14 successfully completed projects.

We have enough experience to bring you the best quality HD resin cast miniatures, for your zombie, post apocalyptic or survival boardgames, or simply for collect and paint !


From Wasteland

Portada HD From Wasteland  DEFINITIVA 1 - Copy


Finest quality miniatures to upgrade your favorite Zombie, Survival or Post apocalyptic game.

High detailed, strong personality and care for each small detail.

Size: 32mm to eyes, every miniature includes 25mm round base.

With this size, the miniature fits perfect in all games. It’s the perfect size for paint and display!





RN Estudio

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of RN Estudio’s From Wasteland figures on the MSC Review Connect and the Modelers Social Club



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