Armor Models – Step by Step Finishing Japanese Armor – Vol. 41



Armor Models is a website offering a collection helpful step by step guides crated by Glenn Bartolitti.  Glenn has been providing Step by Step E-book publications for many years now.  He offers a wide variety of easy to follow guides to painting and weathering models of  types and scales of vehicles from WWII to modern covering German, Russian, British, Japanese armor and more…even planes.  All of Glenn’s works are sold in .pdf format and are downloadable through his website Armor Models

Step by Step Finishing Japanese Armor – Vol. 41


Glenn’s latest creation, Step by Step Finishing Japanese Armor – Vol. 41 is a fifteen page step by step tutorial showing his techniques for finishing a Type 95 “Ha-Go” Light Tank in 1/72 scale.  This publication is available for download on the Armor Models website for the valued price of only $1.95 US with secured payment through PayPal


Glenn begins his tutorial explaining the different materials he uses to paint and weather this tiny tank, followed by a short background history of the Type 95 “Ha-Go” Japanese tankette.  He leads directly into a quick excerpt on the construction of the model in which he used Dragon Model’s  DRA7402 Dragon Models 1/72 IJA Type 95 “Ha-Go” Light Tank, North China Version Armor Pro Series.


Glen gives us his approach to painting the model by first airbrushing this braille-scale kit followed by delicately hand painting the brightly colored camouflage scheme associated with this model of Japanese tank as seen prior too and during WWII.


Through the use of pastels, enamels and oils, Glenn walks the reader through each step needed to lightly weather the model.  Although we live in a new modelling age; the age of “weathering in a bottle”, Glenn holds true to the proven methods of creating his own pigments for weathering from pastels.  He show how he mixes and applies his effect creating a nicely weathered finish to the model.  If you are unfamiliar with weathering techniques, Glenn’s Step by Step guides are a perfect way to add a plethora tools to you bench.

From washes to dirt and dust as well as adding finer touches to the model, like highlighting worn steel surfaces, are covered in this nicely laid out E-book.



Glenn Bartolotti has shown time and time again a solid approach to painting and weathering of models in his Armor Models Step by Step E-books and continues this with his latest publication;  Step by Step Finishing Japanese Armor – Vol. 41.  He has done a fantastic job in sharing his processes for finishing his models including the application of base painting and camouflage covering of this model as well as a comprehensive approach to weathering using proven techniques.  Glenn’s SBS E-books make for a great learning sources and a fun reading for anyone…and at this time of year, they make an excellent holiday gift!!


Highly Recommended!


MSC would like to thank Glenn Bartolotti and Armor Models for providing Step by Step Finishing Japanese Armor – Vol. 41 sample for review.

Pleas stop by Armor Models and check out the many E-books Glenn has to offer!




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