Review: Verlinden Productions Charging Viking #2805

Item number: 2805

Scale: 54mm

Medium: Resin

MSRP: $14.94 USD

Reviewed by Big John’s Scale Modeling

Verlinden Productions is the world leader when it comes to Diorama and figure accessories for the modeling world. Verlinden pioneered the industry and has become the largest manufacture of resin aftermarket and accessories sets all under one roof.

Up for review from the November 2014 releases is item number 2805 Charging Viking. A quick look through Verlinden’s online catalog revealed that this figure is also part of a vignette kit 1633 “Viking Raid”. The kit comes packaged in Verliden’s typical white box with a colored label on the front depicting the assembled and painted model. Inside the box there are 12 cream colored resin parts sealed in a clear zip lock bag.

The parts are broken down as follows. Upper torso, lower torso, two arms, two legs with feet, head, Shield, sword, scabbard, small pouch, and finally the base. There are no instructions, so refereeing back to the box art is helpful at times. Test fit as you go to make sure the armature lines up well. While not much of an expert on Vikings, I googled Viking clothing and found that the sculpted clothing on this figure appears pretty accurate for the time period.

It’s important to note that this figure is cast into a pretty dramatic pose. Therefore the main body has to be broken down into smaller parts resulting in a little more assembly work. There are some big casting carriers that need to be removed. Theses carriers are for the most part on the mating surfaces, so one should be careful while cleaning up the parts. As with any complex resin figure, I have always had to fill a few seams, this one is no exception and should be considered part of assembly. Again, the key is to take your time and test fit as you go.

The shield is cast very thin and can be a bit tricky to cut from the carrier. I wasn’t paying close attention and the edge of the shield split at the carrier, so a little filling and sanding will be needed to correct my mistake.

The sculpted base does not provide a keyed spot to mount the left foot (which has a keyed casting). I simply removed the key and chose to pin the figure to the base. To do so, some of the raised detail on the base had to be removed to allow the foot to make firm contact to the base. A small hole was drilled into the foot to allow a short section of paperclip to be glued into place. I then drilled a corresponding hole on the base to secure the figure to the base.

Conclusion: I find that this figure kit is well detailed and the dramatic pose is well balanced. While a little complex, the figure builds into a nice model. I would recommend this figure for the average modeler. Beginners may feel a little overwhelmed with this kit. At the price, I feel it’s perfect for the miniature painter and should make a fine addition to anyone’s collection.

This product can be purchased directly from Verlinden Productions.



MSC would like to thank Big John’s Scale Modeling for providing us with this review!


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