RN Estudio – Cheerleader


Model No. REF0004

Scale – 28mm

MSRP – 8,00EUR / $10.00 US


Based in Spain, RN Estudio are the makers of finely made miniatures as well as offering a number of services to the gaming and collecting community including 3D Printing, 3D Sculpting, Casting, Painting and Crowdfunding Management.

RN Estudio



Cheerleader is one of the new figure creations from the minds of RN Estudio. As part of their Fantasy Football line, this 28mm figure depicts a spirited cheerleader for the Chaos Pact Team.  The figure is sold in a solid clear plastic case with a foam insert to protect the figure in shipment. This full resin figure with multiple mounting option and supplied with a 25mm disk base.


There are eight pieces included in the Cheerleader kit; the main body of the Cheerleader, right arm with Pom Pom, two optional head choices, one devil’s tail and two decorative hat badges for use with one of the head options.

This is a well-made resin cast figure. There is minimal flash and/or seam lines seen on the figure and no sign of any air bubbles. Construction of the figure is straightforward as the right arm and two optional heads included with this kit have small square key wedge attachments and seat nicely into place.


The fantasy Cheerleader from RN Estudio is a great little figure. The cast is excellent and the subject line is not only pleasing to the eye but rather the wallet as well. This is certainly a nice piece for a collector of fantasy figures as well as for anyone into gaming related items. Since there are no set coloring suggestions included in this kit and with the uniform being fairly generic, one could even paint this figure to match one of their favorite sports teams in the real world!

Highly Recommended!

MSC would like to than RN Estudio for providing this review sample.

RN Estudio

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