Verlinden Productions – Roman Army Centurion

 MSC is proud to work with Big John’s Scale Modelling to provide this review.


Roman Army Centurion

Model No. 2801
Scale – 54mm (1/32)

MSRP – $15.95 US

Review by Todd Michalak


One of the most recent releases form Verlinden Productions, longtime supplier of cast resin figures, diorama and vignette accessories, is the Roman Army Centurion. This figure is cast in resin in 54mm scale (1/32).  When the Roman Empire was at its height of power, the army would often conscript axillary units into the ranks. These were typically men inhabiting the conquered lands in the wake of the Roman war machine.

The figure appears to be sculpted after possibly one of the axillary cohorts who were free non-citizens conscripted into the Army. The sculpted uniform is indicative of what was worn by a Roman centurion approximately between 100 and 70BCE. While the uniforms were issued to the army for reasons of conformity the shields were decorated to show the units to which the soldier belonged.

In the case of this figure the centurion depicted here would have been either a general or sub-general judging from the elaborate display of phalerae, the round metal awards adorning the curiass or armor worn over the breast area. The depiction appears to be well done as some of the Centurions led from the front armed with only a gladius (sword) and a shield.

The shield suggests the decoration possibly of one of the Alpine Regiments of the Roman Army. The figure has been sculpted in a striking pose as if it was in the throes of battle.

This figure has been cast very well. There is little to no flash present and the features are crisply rendered. There are thirteen resin parts to this figure and the construction is fairly straightforward. Only some simple cleanup is needed and all attachments are done with superglue or epoxy.


I feel the Roman Army Centurion from Verlinden Productions is a well-made figure in 54mm scaling with an excellent amount fine details to catch the eye. The resin cast has been nicely done and the construction is simplistic. The figure you make a fine addition to any collectors display case or any aspiring master or novice’s figure painter’s hands.

Highly Recommended

Big John’s Scale Modelling and the Sherman Shop would like to than Verlinden Productions for providing this review sample!



MSC would like to thank Big John Scale Modeling and Verlinden Productions for providing this review and sample to us!



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