Verlinden Productions – Lone Survivor Vignette



Item number: 2802

Scale: 1/35

Medium: Resin

MSRP: $39.95 US

Verlinden Productions is the world leader when it comes to Diorama and figure accessories for the modeling world. Verlinden pioneered the industry and has become the largest manufacture of resin aftermarket and accessories sets all under one roof.

Would you like to be able to paint a small Vignette without having to go through the trouble of gathering all the required products, build the figures, and sculpt the groundwork? If you’re like me, and love to paint, then you may want to keep reading.

One of my favorite products from Verlinden are the “Ready to Paint” Vignettes. They come as complete as possible and usually only require the assembly of the figures. All your building sections, groundwork, and rubble piles are cast into a nice little kidney shaped base.

The latest edition to this line was just released in October 2014. Item number 2802, Lone Survivor depicts 3 German soldiers in an urban setting during WWII. 2 of the soldiers are dead and the third is wounded and seeking what little cover he can possibly find. The base is packed full of detail, the soldiers are depicted wearing winter clothing with over coats. The two dead soldiers are wearing scarves around there face and one of them has a bullet hole wound molded in. They are situated on top of urban rubble with plenty of bricks and personal gear strewn about.

There are a total of 5 parts to this kit, the main base, the survivors head with a bandage wrapped around it, an arm, an MP-40 with a hand molded to it, and finally, the magazine for the Mp-40. All of which are cast in a light colored cream resin.



This is a great little ready-made Vignette packed full of detail for the miniature painter. It’s fast and easy to assemble with very little clean up required. Shoot some primer and you’re ready for hours of pure painting enjoyment.


This product can be purchased directly from Verlinden Productions.


I’d like to thank Verlinden Productions for providing this sample for review.


MSC would like to thank Big John’s Scale Modelling for providing this review to us!



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