Verlinden Productions – #2800 US Mechanics

2800 review

US Mechanics WWII

Item number: 2800

Scale: 1/35

Medium: Resin

MSRP: $22.95

Review by Big John from Big John’s Scale Models


Verlinden Productions is the world leader when it comes to Diorama and figure accessories for the modeling world.

Here we have a fairly resent release of a set of Figures by Verlinden Productions. This set is composed of figures that were once available individually in the early 90’s as Mechanic 1, 2, and 3 that was meant to represent several nationality’s and originally came with a US head, a British head, and a German head.

The kit comes packaged in Verlinden Productions typical white box that opens from the ends. The parts are contained in a small clear zip lock bag within the box. The front of the box contains a color label affixed showing the assembled and painted subject.

There are 18 individual pieces present to construct 3 complete figures. There are no instruction included in this set, but by laying the parts out and studying the box art. It doesn’t take long to figure out which parts belong together. But, it’s also possible to mix and match parts as desired to obtain different poses or variety.

Some of the parts such as the upper torsos and a couple of the arms are duplicates utilizing the same mold. The deference in posing are made up with deferent legs and heads. Speaking of heads, there are 3 deferent heads included in this set. Head number 1 is wearing a pair of cutting goggles with no head gear. Head number 2 wears the wool “jeep” cap, while head number 3 is wearing the HBT cap. A quick reference to the box art will tell which head belongs to the corresponding figure, but you’re not limited to this arrangement.

The clothing best represents the M1937 flannel shirt and trousers on the 2 standing figures while the kneeling figure has a combination of the M1937 flannel shirt and HBT utility trousers. All 3 figures are wearing standard US service shoes.

The parts in my example are very well cast with very very little flash, and I couldn’t find any air bubbles what so ever. The biggest clean up task will be removing the casting blocks. But anyone who has built resin figures know that’s just part of the game. An hour’s session at the bench can produce 3 nice figures ready for paint.


This is a highly recommended set as the possibilities are endless. They can be used straight from the box to populate your maintenance diorama, or convert these figures using other head and arm sets available from Verlinden. A must have item in the diorama builders stash!

This product can be purchased directly from Verlinden Productions.


MSC would like to thank Big John and  Verlinden Productions for supplying this review sample.


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