Vallejo ~ Special Effects Set


Vallejo Special Effects Set

Special Effects Set

Ref. # 72.213

MSRP – £17.32 / $22.36 US


One of the latest additions to the new line of Game Color paints from Acrylicos Vallejo is the Special Effects Set. This is a fantastic supporting axillary set to the Game Colors as these effects are designed to enhance the paint job of your gaming or static pieces. This set and the included Step by Step guide was the creation of Angel Giraldez for Vallejo.029

The set is sold in the standard Vallajo top-side opening cardboard box. There are eight 17ml bottles included with this set consisting of the following:



  • 72130 – Rotten White
  • 72131 – Rust
  • 72132 – Fresh Blood
  • 72133 – Dried Blood
  • 72134 – Vomit
  • 72135 – Verdigris
  • 72136 – Dry Rust
  • 73214 – Chipping Medium

This is a fine collection of useful colors for use with many of the gaming subjects out there today. The Game Effect Colors are similar to the consistency of Model Color where they are self-leveling and cover with one application.


The Rotten White Color is perfect for color applications to simulate bone, rotten flesh, eyeballs, scabs and more.


The Rust and Dry Rust are excellent tones for replicating old weathered metallic surfaces.


Fresh Blood and Dry Blood colors work great together or alone for creating bloody surfaces both wet and dried along with scabs and more.


The Vomit color….well, the name pretty much sums it up!!  This is an excellent color for decay as well!


Verdigris is a patina shade of coloring perfect for showing weathering of old bronze and copper.


The Chipping Medium is an added bonus for this set as it can be used with just about all of the colors to enhance the worn effect of the piece you are working on.

The instructions are put together very well by by Angel Giraldez are presented in a simple, easy to follow Step by Step tutorial showing each of the paints in this set and how to apply them.

Figure Painted By Angel Giraldez

Please stop by Angel Giraldez’s blog to check out more fine work from him – Studio Giraldez



The Special Effect Set of Game Colors from Acylicos Vallejo is a much welcomed set for almost a one-stop tool box of after effects for fantasy and wargaming figures. These colors are not limited to use within the gamming community only. Often the need for many of the colors in this set could be an added benefit into the modelling community as well. The set is value priced for both the quality of the paints and the range of colors you get with this set. I highly recommend this set to anyone with a need to add any special effects to their paint jobs and take things to the next level.




MSC would like to thank Acrylicos Vallejo for supplying us with this review sample.




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