Based in Spain, RN Estudio are the makers of finely made miniatures as well as offering a number of services to the gaming and collecting community including 3D Printing, 3D Sculpting, Casting, Painting and Crowdfunding Management.

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Scale – 30mm

MSRP – 17,00 EUR / $21.00 US

By Shawn W. Gehling

The Kit


This is a really cool figure of a Nasty looking Troll. This is a great set for figure painters. The kit contains 1 figure (3 parts) and 1 (30mm) round base with little or no flash and sells for 17,00 Euro. (finished model offered for a special price on the RN Estudio websiteAgamenon is sold in a top opening hard plastic box and is casst in RN Estudio’s FD resin casting process.

This figure is also sold as part of the Chaos Pact Team “Fantasy Football” MythBowl (or blood bowl) series. The figure was sculptured by Pedro Ramos.


whether you are building a fantasy football team or just want to build a tough looking Troll figure, AGAMENON is an excellent resin figure. As it is a fantasy figure, you can paint ited pretty much how you would like.  You can go online and check out their site and see their videos of other figures at: http://www.rnestudio.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5346030  Overall this should build into an outstanding figure and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures.

I would like to thank RN Estudio for providing this review sample

RN Estudio


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