Plastic Soldier Company ~ Late War German Infantry 1943-45


Late War German Infantry 1943 – 45

Model No. Model: DBGK2002

Scale – 1/72

MSRP – £29.00 UK / $45.50 US


Born from frustration and armed with an idea, William Townshend created the Plastic Soldier Company as a way to provide quality models and figures to the gaming community and collectors alike.

The Plastic Soldier Company offers a wide range of individualized kits as well as complete sets, armies in a box if you will, to cover a wide range from history from ancients to modern. The Plastic Soldier Company also offers a nice selection of paints and weathering products for the builder to finish their models as they seem fit.



The Late War German Infantry 1943-45 figure set from Plastic Soldier is sold in a sturdy end opening box containing three grey colored sprue trees with enough parts for the construction of fifty-seven (7) figures in 1/72 scale.


Contents: 57 German Grenadier Infantry

  • 6 Junior Officers/NCO’s
  • 39 Grenadiers
  • 6 Light Machinegun Teams

The Late War German Infantry figures a nicely molded. There is the typical light seam line that encompasses the figure at the midpoint between the front and back of the figure. This can be removed quickly with a sanding stick and or a sharp #11 blade.


The detailing looks to be created very well for the small size of the 1/72 scaling. This kt comes with a simplified one-age instruction sheet which show how each of the figures are to be constructed.


The painting guide for these figures is located on the rear of the box which suggests the use of Acrylicos Vallejo’s Model Color paints for finishing:


Vallejo Model Color

  • 830 – German Field Grey
  • 846 – Mahogany
  • 862 – Black Grey
  • 875 – Beige Brown
  • 886 – Green Grey
  • 914 – Green Ochre
  • 920 – German Uniform
  • 955 – Flat Flesh
  • 967 – Olive Green
  • 988 – Khaki



The Late figure set from War German Infantry 1943-45 from the Plastic Soldier Company is a great set for anyone looking to improve on the size of their gaming troops. Fifty-seven figures in one box for a decent price is the way to go! The figures are nicely molded and the construction should be non-problematic with some light cleanup prior to painting. Whether you are a gamer, collector or you simply need a large number of figure for a diorama for a modelling project, the Late War German Infantry should fit the bill!


Highly Recommended!!




MSC would like to thank The Plastic Soldier Company for providing this review sample.



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