The Sherman Shop ~ Review: Verlinden Productions Wounded & Medic US WWII

Working together with Big John’s Scale Modeling and the Sherman Shop Forum, Modelers Social Club Forums is proud to present a review of Verlinden Productions’ Wounded & Medic US WWII.

Review by Big John’s Scale Modeling



Verlinden Productions Wounded & Medic US WWII

Item Number: 2803

Scale: 1/35

Medium: Resin

MSRP: $17.95 US


One of the October 2014 releases from Verlinden Productions is this 1/35 scale figure set. This set is actually a reissue of an older discontinued set and depicts a medic tending to a wounded GI.

The parts are well sculpted and cast in a light colored cream resin.

The medic is composed of 4 parts including the torso, two arms, and separate head. Detail is crisp and include items such as molded on arm bands, web suspenders, and web belt with several pouches.

The wounded figure is molded all in one piece and is depicted laying on a blanket with his shirt removed. Again, detail is well sculpted and crisp. Some of the detail items include splints on his left leg and bandages wrapped around his chest. There are some pretty deep undercuts that can be difficult to reach with a brush, but not impossible.

That last item in this set is a finely sculpted M-1936 Musette bag that can be positioned around the medic figure. If one wanted to go a little further with detailing, a strap could be fashioned from some masking tape or lead foil.

Overall, this is a very nice set with fine detail for some painting fun, it’s nice to see this item back in the Verlinden catalog.

Big John’s Scale Modeling



MSC would like to than Big John’s Scale Modeling and the Sherman Shop Forums for providing us with this review



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