The Black Ops Models ~ Silver Fox UAV Model and Launch Rail On Weapons Mount



Model No.: 13

Scale 1/35

MSRP: $35.00




The origins of the Silver Fox Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) started with the development by Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR). Soon after in 2013 BAE systems bought the program from ACR only to sell the entire Silver Fox program to Sensintel Inc., a company specializing in providing solutions to military and commercial for manned and unmanned platforms.


The Silver Fox UAV (actually UAS or unmanned aircraft system now that it is owned by Sensintel) is a long range, real-time aerial reconnaissance unit. This is a small lightweight drone that can be transported via their own customized shipping containers. The shipping containers are solid, light polycarbonate boxes that fit easily even into the smallest of AFV’s.

These autonomous vehicles have the capability of takeoff and landing from land or sea. Remotely operated the gas powered engines have a far greater endurance record than their electric partners in the drone world. These units have the option of flying by manned control on the ground; where up to ten UAV’s can be controlled from one location without interference, or by a pre-programmed touch screen supplied with the kit. The Silver Fox can typically be set up and ready for deployment in the field in just under thirty minutes; however, if the need for a quick response they can be set up for flight in about fifteen minutes.



The Black Ops Models ~ Silver Fox UAV Model and Launch Rail On Weapons Mount


Black Ops models, makers of fine resin kit, accessories and conversions, now give us the Silver Fox UAV in 1/35 Scale. This is a full cast resin kit supplying the following items to create the Silver Fox UAV Model and Launch Rail On Weapons Mount:


  • 6-piece resin Silver Fox UAV
  • 7-piece resin Launch Rail
  • 2-piece resin Weapons Mount Base


Looking over all the parts to this kit I found all the parts to be free from air hole and/or bubbles and all the parts are cleanly molded with crisp details. The Silver Fox UAV has 6 pieces to the construction and is fairly straightforward. The will be a small amount of clean up from the flash which is typical from all resin casting. The small gas powered engine located on the nose of the UAV is detailed nicely and might only have the need for some fine wiring details added if so desired.

The Launch Rail’s construction is straightforward like the UAV. Once constructed, the possible addition of lead wiring might be added but the details a nicely molded and of stand-alone quality. There is more than one option for mounting the rail. The launch rail can of course be added to the kit supplied two-piece base or can be mounted atop any various AFV’s with the scratch building of a small mounting plate or can be directly mounted to one of the two separately sold Silveer Fox UAV transport boxes.


The two-pieces Weapons Mount base is finely crafted with several detailed sandbags appearing to add support to the launch rail. Simply place the main rail support into the center hole in the middle of the sandbags and then mount the launch rail to the top and you are done.

Transport Case for the Silver Fox UAV


As part of the review I added the Transport Cases for the Silver Fox UAV as these are a compliment to the Silver Fox UAV Kit. There are two cases in 1/35 scale supplied with this set. Both cases are cast from grey colored resin and detailed nicely to depict the original transport cases used in the field.

These cases are a great way to enhance the small vignette scene with Black Ops Models’ Silver Fox UAV kit or can be used as an accessory with any modern scene that would support the use of the transportable UAV’s.


The Silver Fox UAV resin kit from Black Ops Models is a finely cast resin kit. The details are crafted decently and the subject matter unique and interesting.  This set would fit right into any modern scene and any theater of deployment.  One option I would have liked to have seen with the Silver Fox kit would have been the inclusion of a two-piece transport case. This would add some added detail to the scene; with the open case to show how the unit was transported or the option of building the case in the closed position to allow the launch rail to be mounted on the case as it can be done in the field without the traditional mount. However, there is the option of purchasing the same UAV with the launch rail set up atop the transport box for just one more options.

All in all this is a great little kit that can add a tremendous amount  of detail to any modern diorama or vignette or as a static standalone display! I do recommend adding the separately sold UAV Transport Cases sold through Black Ops Models to bring even more detail to your build.






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