RN Estudio – Ligeia


Model No. MS001
Scale 70mm
MRSP – 25.00 EUR / $31.30 US
Limited Addition


Based in Spain, RN Estudio is the makers of finely made miniatures as well as offering a number of services to the gaming and collecting community including 3D Printing, 3D Sculpting, Casting, Painting and Crowdfunding Management.

RN Estudio




As part of the Master Series from RN Estudio comes Ligeia. This is a 3D designed and HD cast resin bust in 70mm Scale. The Ligeia bust is sold in a top opening hard plastic box. On the front of the box is a color rendition of a completed version painted by Anotnio Peña.

This 70mm bust depicts a young woman in the clutches off the tentacles of some watery beast. The rendering of this figure was done through the use of 3D design and Sculpt. The cast is close to perfect on this piece. There is a minute mold seam that traverses the figure from the left hand side of the figure to the right finishing down the back. This is a soft seam line and can be dealt with by using a high numbered grit sanding stick.

The bust comes in three pieces; two tentacle pieces and Ligeia which is cast on one piece. Being a resin cast figure, the parts are easily constructed through the use of superglue. The joints are excellent and only a small bit of filler might possibly be needed.

The only painting suggestions supplied with this bust is the rendition on the front of the box. Part of the fun of building figures and busts is the personalizing of the painting to create your own piece.



The Ligeia bust from RN Estudio stands with some of the better castings on the market today. The Ligeia sculpt is excellent and is supported by a casting that is done very well as there is little to no flash and free from air bubbles. The design is original and the subject matter pleasing. I have to recommend this piece to anyone who fancies painting figures and busts as well as to any painters of gaming figures as a nice change of pace form the smaller scales. If you are not a painter or gamer but a collector of fine miniatures, RN Estudio offers the Ligeia bust completely painted for a special price. (Please see the RN Estudio website for details).

Highly Recommended!

MSC would like to thank RN Estudio for supplying this review sample.

RN Estudio



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