Last Cavalry ~ Model Cellar WW1 German 2 Seater Crew Review


Bomber crew Emil & Franz 2 (2)WWI German 2-seater Crew – Pilot & Observer

1/32nd Scale

Resin Cast

Model No. MC32016

MSRP – $40.00 US


Review presented by Dave Youngquist


WWI German 2-seater Crew – Pilot & Observer

In 2009 a great and welcome addition to the modelling community was introduced. It was then that Wingnut Wings of New Zealand delivered it’s first kit, Since then Wingnut Wings has set the standard for not only World War I aircraft kits but for all kits in general. They have been praised for their casting, instructions, choice of subject, etc. I have not heard of one review where the reviewer was not sold on the kit and the Wingnut Wings company.

However, I do have an issue with these wonderful kits. Once they are built they stand as very good replicas of the aircraft of the Great War. But that’s the issue, they just stand there, You’ve all gone to the local hobby shows and have seen the kits sitting there on display, all very well done with rigging and turnbuckles just so. But where are the men who flew these machines. They may be out there, but I have not seen a populated diorama with the aircraft and brave men who flew them. Why, because there are very few companies who produce 1/32nd or 1/48th scale World War I aviators.

There is, however, one company that is producing these figures in both 1/48th and 1/32nd scale .
Model Cellar, who is well known for their resin figures and busts has quietly been adding to the WWI aviator community. Their latest release is a 2 member German crew. This set will go perfectly with Wingnut Wings new release of the DFW C.V.. It is now possible for all you modellers out there to populate your aircraft with the men who flew them.

The kit, WWI German 2 Seater Crew MC32016 – 1/32nd scale – is packaged in the Model Cellar’s usual open end card box with a color picture of the 2 crew members on the front. Inside the box each figure is in a small plastic bag securely wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap. The Pilot figure has six pieces, the body in a fur collared overcoat with one hand holding gloves and goggles, two legs in puttees, a smiling head and his helmet. The Observer or rear gunner has 4 pieces, a body dressed well for the cold of high altitude with a coat that can be either leather or cloth and heavy leather overalls, two arms and a head with helmet. Both of these figures are very well cast and will offer the painter a great canvas to create his finished figure.

The figures on the cover are painted in gray clothing with brown leather overall and puttees, but there is some latitude for individual interpretation of the colors used. Uniforms did exist, of course, but many pilots and crew improvised with whatever would keep them the warmest and it wasn’t always standard issue. So have some fun and individualize your crew .

Remember that these are resin figures and need some cleanup and a good wash in warm soapy water before painting.

I would recommend these figures very highly to give some life to the dioramas that are sure now to be popping up with the Wingnut kits. The Model Cellar 2 Seater Crew sells for $40.00 and is available from Last Cavalry.




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