Dark Sword Miniatures – Female Rogue



Female Rogue – Duel Wield

SKU: DSM7437
Sculptor: Jeff Grace
Materials: Pewter

Scale – 28mm

MSRP – $9.99 US




Beginning back in 2003 Dark Sword Miniatures, a company born from a love of collecting fantasy gaming figures, began producing a line of premium miniatures for both gamers and collectors. Working with Dennis Mize and Larry Elmore, Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. became reality and now almost fifteen years later offer close to 500 miniatures in their line. These fine miniatures are creations form many talented artists in the miniature community; Tom Meier, Dennis Mize (RIP), Dave Summers, Jeff Grace, Patrick Keith, and Jason Wiebe to mention a few.


Female Rogue – Duel Wield


I recently had the opportunity to acquire one of Dark Sword Miniatures figures; the Female Rogue – Duel Wield. This figure is a 28mm, pewter cast figurine. The figure comes sealed in a small Ziplock type bag containing five parts.


The main part of the figure, the body, head and legs, are cast in one piece with the right arm and sword, left hand and dagger along with sheaths for both the dagger and sword cast separately. The figure is basically pristine. There is a casting mold seam as seen typically in most metal figures running lightly up the outside of the legs and body. This seam is very minute and removed with a light buffing from a high grit sanding stick and the seam line between the legs removed with a light scraping from a #11 hobby knife.


This sculpt is fantastic on this piece, as the rendering is proportionally to scale with highly detailed features. The figure strike a simple yet exciting action pose and is cast into its own small base. Construction of the figure was simple and quick. Only a small drilling or carving of the arm sockets was needed to get the arms to seat firmly with securement from a dab of superglue.




There is not much else I can say about this figure other than I highly recommend it. The cast is excellent and the subject matter inviting. The quality of detail and presentation is fantastic. Jeff Grace did a superb job on the sculpting of this figure. I would surly recommend this figure to anyone who is into gaming as this would make a fine addition to their arsenal as well as to any collector of fine miniatures as this would make an excellent addition to their static display cabinet.


Highly Recommended

Please stop by and see the many fine castings Dark Sword Miniatures has to offer.



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