Aurora Model ~ Halloween Witch Fantasy Figure

??????????????????????????????? Halloween Witch

Model No. FE-013

Scale: 38mm

MSRP – 15.00 USD



Aurora Model is a small Japanese based scale figurine and accessory maker. Through the sculpting artistry of Kiyoshi Tsuda, Aurora Model offers us a large selection of finely white metal and resin cast products. Aurora offers a large selection of figures made up of mostly female characters covering numerous scales as well as many fantasy characters and accessories for the gaming world. They are all Garage Kits, whereas they are sculpted and cast all by the owner and not in a large production facility. Each piece is handcrafted and sold direct through Aurora Model:



Halloween Witch


The Halloween Witch from Aurora Model is a 38mm metal cast figure sculpted by Kiyoshi Tsuda.  The figure comes in a small end opening box which is sealed in plastic and has a color picture of the completed model on the front of the box.  There are four pieces to this set and they come sealed in an individual plastic bag inside the box.


This is a whimsically playful fantasy figure based on a Halloween theme.   When completed, this will depict a young witch leaning atop a large pumpkin and the added book suggests she might be studying some spells to conjure up.

The sculpt has been done very well.  Typical of the metal casting process, there are some seam lines that will need to be dealt with prior to assembly.  This is easily done with needle files and sanding sticks.  For the hard to reach areas a sharp hobby knife can be use to cut away the flash in the soft metal.  Once cleanup and assembly has been completed, a light buffing  from a high number grit sanding stick will smooth any surface imperfections quite nicely.


The figure assembled rather quickly with all of the joints connected with superglue.  A small amount of filler might be needed where the upper torso and lower half of the body come together; however, this area is not seen as the figure is leaning over the pumpkin and could be omitted if so desired.





The Halloween Witch from Aurora Model is fun and original figure from the mind of Kiyoshi Tsuda.  Aside form the usual casting seam seen on most metal figures, this is a cleanly mold figure.  The construction is straightforward and easy.  This figure would make a fine addition to any collector of fantasy figures or possible use in gaming.  At least, the figure makes for a great Halloween decoration.

I will be painting this figure very soon on Modelers Social Club Forum using Vallejo’s Game Air line of paints.



MSC would like to thank Aurora Model for supplying this review sample



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