Another World ~ Alexandra – Female Commissar

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Kit: Alexandra – Female Commissar

Scale – 30mm

Unpainted Metal Figure

MSRP – €7.50 EUR / $9.40 US

Another World logo

“Not only steampunk … not only cyberpunk … simply another world!”

Another World is the brainchild Federica Poggi and is the maker of select fine scale miniatures for collecting and/or gaming. From a desire to create figures of her own, Federica produces these figures in two options; Limited Edition (Low Number) resin castings and unlimited versions cast from metal.

Alexandra – Female Commissar

Alexandra is a 30mm scale figure cast from white metal. This figure is finely detailed and comes with two left arms to give the builder a choice of depicting the figure with a mechanical looking left hand with her coat draped over the arm or plane rendition of her left arm and hand with no coat attached.


• 1 – Alexandra 30mm figure
• 2 – Left arm options
• 1 – Right hand clutching a gun
• 1 – Plastic base disk

This figure embodies the characteristics of a Steampunk Commissar. The figure’s hat and gun personifies that she is a prescriptive woman in charge all the while keeping prominent feminine qualities.


The Alexandra – Female Commissar from Another World is a fantastic rendition of a Steampunk commander.  The sculpting of this figure and cast is excellent and the subject matter is interesting and original. This figure would make for a nice addition to anyone’s GdR or wargames as well as making for a great static display for adding to a personal collection.

At the moment, Another World creates seven different 30mm figures with more to come; all are sold at a reasonable price for the quality of the products offered. I recommend this figure to anyone looking to either expand their gaming figure war chest or for the fun of painting simply to add to a private collection.




Future reviews coming to the MSC Review Connect and Modelers Social Club Forums




MS would like to thank Another World for providing the Alexandra – Female Commissar Figure for review.

Another World logo


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