PLastic Soldier Company ~ Allied M4A3 (Late) Sherman Tank


Allied M4A3 (Late) Sherman Tank

Maker:  Plastic Soldier Co.

Model No. WW2V15014

Scale: 15mm

MSRP – £19.50 UK / $31.00 US



Born from frustration and armed with an idea, William Townshend created the Plastic Soldier Company as a way to provide quality models and figures to the gaming community and collectors alike.

The Plastic Soldier Company offers a wide range of individualized kits as well as complete sets, armies in a box if you will, to cover a wide range from history from ancients to modern. The Plastic Soldier Company also offers a nice selection of paints and weathering products for the builder to finish there models as they seem fit.

Allied M4A3 (Late) Sherman Tank


The Allied M4A3 Sherman Tank kit from Plastic Soldier Company is a 15mm wargaming tank model set.  The kit comes in a end opening cardboard box with an artist’s rendition of the tank on the cover of the box.  This kit comes complete with Five (5) sprues with enough parts to create five M4A3 Late Sherman tanks. 


The kit gives you the option of building each Sherman in either a 75mm, 76 mm or 105mm configuration.  There are two different turrets and mantlets options to go along with the correct gun addition.

The commander’s hatch can be positioned wither open or closed.  Along with the turret and gun options, there is the option of one of two commanders to place in the open hatch if so desired.


The running gear and suspension comes molded in one piece for easy construction and the tracks are supplied in two pieces.

The instructions are laid out as a basic guideline to construct the 75mm version with renditions of all three completed versions for references.  There are several additional parts supplied with this kit that are not mentioned in the instructions, such as tool boxes and side fenders not used on the late model M4’s.  These fenders actually add just another option for the builder.

The complete painting guide for these tanks is located on the back of the box.  The use of Vallejo Model Color is the suggested paint.  Please note, there are no decals supplied with this kit.



The construction of the models is straightforward.  There is very little cleanup involved with these mini tanks.  Once the top hull in attached, a small amount of filler will be needed to fill the horizontal seam between the upper and lower hulls.  There are some ejector pin marks located on the inside of the tracks but after construction, these marks are almost not seen.  A small amount of filler and a little sanding will hide the marks if needed.


If wargaming is your thing or if you are into the “beyond braille-scale” models, then any of the 15mm offering including this set, the Allied M4A3 Sherman Tank kit from Plastic Soldier Company would make for a fine addition to the stash.  Having five tanks included in the set with many different options makes for a fast way to build up your ranks for gaming.  For the collector, this is a fine way to expand on your collection.  I highly recommend the Allied M4A3 Sherman Tank kit to anyone looking to grow their Sherman brigade!

Sher 3Please check out my YouTube Channel soon where I have used Vallejo’s AFV series US Army Olive Drab paint and Weathering sets on this kit – You Tube Video Coming Soon!!


MSC would like to thank The Plastic Soldier Company for providing this review sample





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