The Plastic Soldier Company– German Panzer IV


Kit – German Panzer IV

Model No. WW2V20002

Scale 1/72

Price – £14.95 / $24.00 US



Born from frustration and armed with an idea, William Townshend created the Plastic Soldier Company as a way to provide quality models and figures to the gaming community and collectors alike.

The Plastic Soldier Company offers a wide range of individualized kits as well as complete sets, armies in a box if you will, to cover a wide range from history from ancients to modern. The Plastic Soldier Company also offers a nice selection of paints and weathering products for the builder to finish there models as they seem fit.


Easy Assembly 1/72nd Panzer IV Tank

The German Panzer IV tank set from The Plastic Soldier Company is a 3-piece model set in 1/72 scale containing the infamous Pz.Kpfw.IV from the Second World War. This kit comes in a sturdy end opening box with box art depicting the models inside on the front and the painting instructions covered nicely on the back.


These kits are designed for simple construction and can be painted to the builders fancy. There are several options to building theses three tanks supplied within the kit. The builder has the choices of constructing any of the F1, F2, G or H variants produced by the Germans in WWII.   Each kit comes complete with two different barrel sizing’s, Shurtzen as well as an open and closed option for the commanders cupola. There is also two different commanders offered for each of the Pz.IV tanks in this kit.


The simple construction is straightforward and easily defined within the 2-age instructional sheet provided. Onside of the instructions shows the basic construction minus the Shurzen while the other side shows the sprue legend and three built variants that you could build.


The painting options given for this kit are as follows:

Vallejo Paints

  • VAL819 Iraqi Sand
  • VAL863 Gunmetal Grey
  • VAL955 German Grey
  • VAL882 Middlestone
  • VAL914 Green Orche
  • VAL979 German Camouflage Dark Green
  • VAL826 German Camouflage Medium Brown


I honestly have to say I am impressed with the German Panzer IV tank set form The Plastic Soldier Company. From a gaming perspective this is a fun and rather quick way to build up ones fighting forces. The quality is excellent for the purposes that they are intended for; use within the gaming community. In addition these are exciting little pices even for the collectors and general overall fans of miniature armor.

The construction is extremely simple as the attachment points are located well as to not make it hard to remove from the sprue as well as making for easy cleanup before construction. There is some ejector in marks on the inside of the tracks. Most of these are hidden with the Shurtzen option; however, some additional and careful cleanup will be needed for the section below the road wheels. Some of the parts seem a little chunky as seen with the Shurtzen and fenders but this is trivial to anyone looking to have some fun building up their armies or painting several variants of this tank for their collection.

All in all the German Panzer IV kit, kit number WW2V20002, is a great little kit sure to make not only gaming enthusiast happy but the miniature collectors and braille scale builders as well. Highly Recommended!


MSC would like to thank The Plastic Soldier Company for supplying us with this review sample 






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