Grex – Cleaning Brush Set


LOGO1Grex – Cleaning Brush Set

Number: FA02

Price: Under $20

Review by Scratchmod

This review item was kindly donated to MSC by Angle of MicroWorld Games, LLC This cleaning set contains three items, which I believe are intended to be used to clean the Grex line of air brushes. I am sure the cleaning set will work on other air brushes, or at least the small brushes.

What do you get in this set! Well you get a black handles brush with nylon bristles for cleaning larger parts and maybe the paint cups if they are big enough. It will also work good on the outside of the air brush since we modelers have a habit of spilling the paint out of the cup and onto the side .

Next we have what looks like an Exacto knife handle with a nylon brush attached. The knife does not accept knife blades as the opening is circular and intended for the bits with a metal shaft. This neat little brush is good for cleaning and scrubbing the inside of paint cups.

Next is what I like and will use the most, an assortment of round brushes on a wire shaft which is all on a something similar to a key ring. There are five (5) different sizes to choose from and will come in very handy for cleaning the length of the air brush that the needle is located. I tried the small brush on the 3 air brushes I have and it works great, I can’t believe there was still paint in the one air brush after I spent a good amount of time cleaning it.



A nice cleaning set that is a must have if you do a lot of air brushing, and make a mess like I do. If you individual items were sold separate I will be buying more of the round brushes.

MSC would like to thank of MicroWorld Games, LLC for donating this and other products for review.



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