Precision Ice and Snow ~ Autumn Newsletter 2014

Autumn Newsletter 2014
Krycell ICE, Krcell EXTRA and our new Website and Improved Facebook stuff!
This Video shows our new

Ready-Made SnowPowder


It is designed for using on larger scale models. 1/35th up to 1/16th. It has an increased sparkle and it has greater refelctivity than the normal Krycell ‘FINE’ which is what we first supplied.


Watch the Video
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This Video show.s our new Ready-made Ice sheet


In it you will see how anyone can create the most realistic frozen water effect.  Krycell ICE is suitable for all scales and all scale modellers

Winter Diorama, with a Tiger tank, Smashed and Frozen water and a tree.

Watch the Video
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Krycell Ice Sheets

You can now buy ready made scale model ice from us.
Krycell ICE is manufacured in Three colour layers, Green, Brown, and Clear.

Installing the Ice Sheets

You can break it yourself to fit your Diorama. A special plastic film on the back prevents the looss of the broken ice sheet peices.

 Finished Frozen Water

After the broken peices are placed into position you can place liquid resing into the spaces to simulate water.

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