MicroWorld Games, LLC – October News


Weekly Sales, after a very successful ARMORCON, we are back with our weekly sales flyer
This week we have kits from Trumpeter, Dragon, Cyber Hobby, books from ADH and painting DVD from Andrea.

NEWS We just got word from SWS that our order for the Horten Wing in 1/32 is ready for shipping, we should have it here in about three weeks, watch for the update. NEWS 

How to Build the Leopard Family in 1:35 – ADH Publishing MSRP 29.95 Our Price 21.71

How to Build Revell 1:32 Supermarine Spitfife Mk. IIa – ADH Publishing MSRP 29.95 Our Price 21.71

Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.10/4 fur 2cm FlaK 30 1940 Production  MSRP 72.99  Our Price 54.74

Dragon 1/72 Churchill Mk.III Fitted for Wading  MSRP 29.99  Our Price 22.49

Dragon 1/72 IJA Type 95 Light Tank Late Production  MSRP 24.99  Our Price 18.74

Cyber Hobby 1/72 SH-3H Submarine Hunter MSRP 49.99 Our Price 37.49

AFV 1/35 Churchill AVRE with Snake Launcher (free figure)  MSRP 65.00  Our Price 48.10

AFV 1/35 Light Tank M24 Chaffee. The First Indochina War (free figure)  MSRP 65.00  Our Price 48.10

Hasegawa 1:700 Aircraft Carrier Akagi  MSRP 43.99  Our Price 32.99

Hasegawa 1/700 Wooden Deck Akagi Carrier MSRP 59.99  Our Price 44.99

Trumpeter 1:35 Russian T90C (T90S) Main Battle Tank w/Welded Turret  MSRP 73.95  Our Price 48.06

Trumpeter 1:35 Solviet 2S3 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer late Variant  MSRP 62.95  Our Price 40.91

Trumpeter 1:35 Russian GAZ66 Light Military Truck  MSRP 74.95  Our Price 48.71

Trumpeter 1:48 Mig23MLD Flogger K Russian Fighter  MSRP 57.95  Our Price 37.66

Andrea Miniatures 80mm 1:22 Stop Now!  MSRP 58.32  Our Price 58.32

Andrea Miniatures Painting Girls in Acrylics by Julio Cabos   MSRP 29.07  Our Price 29.07

Andrea Miniatures Odin in 54mm 1:32 MSRP 71.92  Our Price 71.92





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