British Military Policeman 1943-45 from D-Day Miniatures

British Military Policeman 1943-45


Kit number: 35011

Scale: 1/35 scale

Parts: 2 Resin parts


The set

From D-Day Miniatures Studio comes a new figure in the form of a British Military Policeman is full resin. The figure is cast in two parts, the body and the head, and is in a standing position with his hands behind his back.

The casting of this figure is fantastic and looking at some reference images online, the uniform looks very accurate for the time period, especially the coveralls. The head has the helmet and goggles molded cast all in one, and here the detail is just as good as the uniform.

The casting block is at the bottom of the figures feet and removal should be no problem and with no detailing of the boots lost. The heads casting block is at the base of the neck and as should clean up nicely. For painting you can remove the figure from the blocks and mount him on what you prefer, I left him as is for nearly all the painting.

Once the head and body are painted the head fits snug in the opening and is secured with a very small amount of ca. or this review I used only acrylics from Vallejo and was very happy the way it turned out considering I didn’t invest a lot of time in the painting, especially the face area.



Overall a nicely done figure from D-Day Miniatures Studio of a British MP of the period in a casual pose which I am sure would fit well into a small vignette or even a diorama.

Be sure to check out this and other figures from D-Day on their website.



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