AMMO of Mig Jimenez ~ September 2014 Weathering Magazine Release



K.O. & Wrecks

ISSUES 9 – 12

A new subscription available to The Weathering Magazine, from coming soon Issue 9 to 12.

Available in English, Spanish and French, don’t forget to select your language when you make your order.




Each Issue focuses on showing all aspects of more realistic and necessary painting techniques for a specific subject or theme. Here you will find these essential techniques explained by the world’s very best modelers, making it simple to understand and learn. The modeller also can collect each issue and create their own library of techniques and effects in an easy and practical way. THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE is and will definitely continue to be a cornerstone of the reference library for all modellers. This magazine is a new example of a complete, collectable, inexpensive, and professional modellers magazine. This subscription includes Issue 9 K.O. and Wrecks. And next issues 10, 11 and 12.

Subscription prices:

  • Spain: 32 €
  • Europe: 36 €
  • Out of Europe: 40 €

Weathering MagAMMO-Logo



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