Black Ops Models – Little Bird MH-6M Conversion Kit for 1/35 Dragon MH-6J

 LB Conv (1)

Black Ops Models

Scale – 1/35

MSRP – $58.00 US ($65.00 AUD)




Black Ops Models is an Australian base resin casting company.  From a passion for model building, Black Ops Models was created and now offer many accessories including conversion sets and accessories to go with primarily modern era genre building centering on the Middle Easter Wars and some from the Vietnam era.

LB Conv (1)

One of the many different offerings from Black Ops Models is the Little Bird MH-6M Conversion Kit for 1/35 Dragon MH-6J.  This is a rather extensive, full resin conversion kit designed to go with the 3527 Dragon AH-6J Little Bird in scale 1:35 model.  There are a total of sixty-nine parts supplied with this kit, mostly cream colored cast resin with a few small items like brass and styrene rod stock to aid with construction.  The following parts are included:


  • Part 1 – Left Side Collective
  • Part 2 – Right Side Collective
  • Part 3 – FLIR Joystick
  • Part 4 – Left Side Personal Weapon
  • Part 5 – Right Side Personal Weapon
  • Part 6 – Right Side FLIR Display
  • Part 7 – Left Side FLIR Display
  • Part 8 – Left Side Armored Floor
  • Part 9 – Right Side Armored Floor
  • Part 10 – Fuel Filler
  • Part 11 – Cyclic Joystick x 2
  • Part 12 – Rudder Pedals x 2
  • Part 13 – Front Ring x 2
  • Part 14 – Fuel Tank Mount Ring x 2 ( 1 Spare )
  • Part 15 – Rear Ring x 4
  • Part 16 – Seat x 2
  • Part 17 – Vent Fairing

Instrument Console

  • Part 18 – Instrument Console

Rear Bulkhead

  • Part 19 – Rear Bulkhead

Operator Bench Seats

  • Part 20 – Right Side Bench Seat
  • Part 21 – Mounting Bracket
  • Part 22 – Left Side Bench Seat

4 Blade Tail Rotor & Wide Chord Tail

  • Part 23 – Wide Chord Vertical Tail
  • Part 24 – Horizontal Tail Plane
  • Part 25 – Left End Plate
  • Part 26 – Right End Plate
  • Part 27 – Outboard Rotor Blades
  • Part 28 – Inboard Rotor Blades
  • Part 29 – Gear Box
  • Part 30 – Mounting Shaft
  • Part 31 – Bell Crank

Fast Rope Brackets

  • Part 32 – Left Fast Rope Bracket
  • Part 33 – Left Rope Quick Release
  • Part 34 – Left Cross Brace
  • Part 35 – Right Fast Rope Bracket
  • Part 36 – Right Rope Quick Release
  • Part 37 – Right Cross Brace


  • Part 38 – Aerial A x 2 ( 1 Spare )
  • Part 39 – Aerial B x 2 ( 1 Spare )
  • Part 40 – Aerial C x 2 ( 1 Spare )
  • Part 41 – Under Body Box A
  • Part 42 – Warning Receivers x 4
  • Part 43 – Under Body Box B x 2
  • Part 44 – Aerial D x 2
  • Part 45 – Aerial E x 2
  • Part 46 – SATCOM Antenna
  • Part 47 – Antenna Mount
  • Part 48 – Antenna Bracket
  • Part 49 – FLIR Mount
  • Part 50 – FLIR Gimbal

6 Blade Main Rotor Hub

  • Part 51 – Rotor Hub
  • Part 52 – Collective Hub

1 – Set of printed instructions


As I said, this is an extensive set.  The Little Bird MH-6M Conversion Kit comes packed in a sturdy flip-top cardboard shipping box with the Blank Ops Models branding and a small box art photo of the kit on the side.  Inside, the items are completely secured within a sea of packing peanuts to protect all of the delicate parts.  All of the parts contained within are separated in Ziplock style baggies by individualized sub-assemblies outlined in the parts legend contained in the instruction manual and defined above in the “Contents” section of my review.

LB Conv (2)LB Conv (3)

Each one of the sealed bags a nicely marked with a Black Ops Model sticker and reference labeling all corresponding to the sub-assembly sections.


Looking through all of the parts, the casts are very well and free from bubbles and outside from the typical flashing left behind from the casting process on only a few parts, these parts are nicely made.  These resin upgrades are a vast improvement to the Dragon kit parts.  All of the parts contained in this set are highly detailed, from the pilot’s instrument panel which has an accurately represented layout of the controls to various internal and external features numerous brackets, mounts and tie-off rings.  The Blade Tail Rotor and Main Rotor Hub are done very nicely, bringing the external flare on this kit, up a few notches; however there will be a little clean up on the Main Rotor hub especially.


The instructions for this conversion kit are laid out in a 10 page, single sided and corner stapled instruction booklet.  These instruction mirror and should be used with the Dragon kit supplied instruction to ensure the replacement parts are installed correctly.  Both a rendered exploded view of the Dragon assembly main parts and full color photographs showing the installation of the conversion parts is given.  The explode view is in black and white and showing the new resin conversion parts in blue to highlight the installation. Each of the full color photographs have markings showing part numbers, location and measurement values for precise placement of the new parts; most corresponding to supported written text within the instruction themselves.


These instructions were well thought out and created not only showing parts installation but even giving angle of degree placement, a template for bending the brass rod as well as measurements highlighted in the pictures to the exact location of the new parts.



In my honest opinion the Little Bird MH-6M Conversion Kit for 1/35 Dragon MH-6J by Black Ops Models is an exceptionally well made resin upgrade.  All of the parts are cast really well down to the smallest details provided. There is some casting flash on the some parts; however this is extremely thin and easily cleans off.

I am impressed with the details provided to the interior parts.  The Instrument panel, which is typically a focal point, puts the kit supplied part to shame.  Black Ops attention to detail on this conversion set is exceptional.  At first I would think that the $65.00AUD or basically $58.00 USD, would be a bit high for an aftermarket conversion kit for such a small kit to begin with; however, after I considered the level of detail of the parts, the total amount of parts supplied and added the average cost of the kit at around $35.00 USD, I feel this is well worth the cost and effort especially to the fan of helicopter modelling and the Little Bird alike.

I found that my only issue is with the availability of the host kit; The 3527 Dragon AH-6J Little Bird.  The kit seemed to be discontinued at various locations online most likely due to demand.  I know that the kit can possibly be found at some local hobby shops. If you are interested in the kit, I know there is always a way to dig one up and if you already have the kit then I would recommend looking into the Black Ops Models the Little Bird MH-6M Conversion Kit for 1/35 Dragon MH-6J if you are looking to hyper detail you kit!  All in all this is a great conversion will go a long way in helping to adding much detail to any static display model of this “Little Bird”

Thank you to Black Ops for the supplying the Review sample.




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