Sockel & Bases – Soldat,50 Franz. Inf.rgt. Sektion.1914


54mm – 1 piece resin
In-Box review by: Scratchmod
An interesting and new figure from sponsor Sockel & Bases. This company, as the name indicates, has some very impressive bases for figures, some nice WWI 54mm figures and trench walls. This is a welcome addition as there aren’t many companies catering to enthusiasts of this era.

The figure, as with their other figures is cast in resin, and  in one piece. The figure is in a walking stance and has an injured arm in a sling. His left hand is grasping his right and this make  s it easier to cast him in one piece instead of the normal separate arms from the body.

The uniform is standard for the period with buttoned back bottom half of the long over coat. Looking at reference images of uniforms worn by the French during the first world war the trousers were red, as is the cap he s wearing. The coat is the dark blue worn at the time over the uniform. Not having a reference book I did a google search to find this info and painting guide for the build/paint review to follow at some point.

The casting of this figure is perfect with next to no flash or mold seems to be seen. Considering this is a one piece figure the detailing is fantastic with sharp edges and very fine detail. The figures head looks very good with a textured beard that will make painting much easier.
He is wearing a belt with pouches attached, a canteen and bag is slung over his body and hanging at his back. The arm sling is tied at the back of his neck in a knot and with careful painting this should look very good, and add some contrast in color.


Time for the primer and painting. I chose a gray primer from Vallejo for the primer since this goes on smooth and to a nice flat finish which helps reveal any flaws,flash or mold lines. The primer also dries fast which allowed me to start with the main colors of the uniform as well as getting the base flesh color on the face and hands.


Here I did a quick google search to find out what the color the uniforms were in 1914 in the French army at the time, and also of the personal equipment carried, such as the ammo pouches.
Using Vallejo,K4 and Tamiya paints the base uniform colors were applied by airbrush and with a paint brush. Some highlighting and shadow effects were also added and gave a good starting point.

With the primer on, and then the base paint I looked to see if there were any flaws, mold lines etc that I may have missed during the cleaning prior to primer. The base paint revealed a very small line on the boots but that was about it. There is little to no mold lines or any other flaw that needs addressing on this figure. Basically a quick cleaning and it’s ready for painting.
As with the other figures in the Sockel and Bases ‘Kaiser’s Army’ line of figures, this one is well detailed as is evident when you start the painting. The face is nicely detailed which made painting easy. Here one can really spend time painting and bringing out the detail, but for this review I had to set a limit on how much time and what I needed to paint.

The uniform and gear carried, as well as his arm in the sling, stood up well to painting. By this I mean for review purposes that there is enough detailing of which is nice and crisp and not just a representation. The uniform has folds and creases wish give the figure dimension when shadows and highlights are applied, and not look like a toy soldier as some less detailed injection molded figures sometimes do.

The quality of the resin combined with the professional sculpting of the figure really makes this one fun to paint. With a bit more time I could have made the review sample look better but due to having other painting reviews to work on I had to set a point in which to stop. I may go back to this figure at a later time and continue the fine painting .



Overall this is a very nice figure that helps fill the gap when it comes to 54mm world war one figures. Considering the entire figure is cast in one part there is enough detailing with little mold lines.

Special thanks to Sockel & Base for providing MSC with this review sample.

You can find this figure and others on the Sockel & Base website.


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