P&S ~ Pointe Du Hoc – Rangers – DVD Review



From Pen & Sword Military and BHTV

Presented by: Tom Dormer, Andrew Duff, Richard Hone and Tim Saunders

Runtime: 90 Minutes



As a crucial objective for Operation Overload, the D-Day Landing on the 6th of June, 1945, Ponte Du Hoc stood as a pivotal moment in the Allied push to victory in Europe. Not only because the objective of taking out what was believed to be one of the most heavily fortified positions the German held on the Atlantic Wall, but it was also the first time the US Rangers would make they debut in military history.


The newly formed Provisional Ranger Force, created to mirror the SAS in the British forces was tasked on D-Day with the securing of many objectives, one being the fortification atop the cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc. Du Hoc jutted out into the sea straddling the two US landing beaches; Utah and Omaha.


The Assault on Normandy: Pointe Du Hoc – Rangers DVD is a 90 minute DVD brought to us by Pen & Sword Military and Battlefield History TV (BHTV). Tom Dormer, Andrew Duff, Richard Hone and Tim Saunders take us inside the mission to secure Pointe Du Hoc and the Rangers that secured it.


This DVD gives us a look into what was involved in the planning, fighting and execution of the storming of the cliffs. With added information on the formation of the Rangers we see the plans of the assault as they were laid out as well as the quick changes and stumbling blocks that needed to be overcome along the way to victory. The presenters cover the Ranger training leading up to the assault as well as some of the equipment they would have had with them as they climbed their way to the enemy.

This DVD,start to finish, goes over the many obstacles and key operational commanders as well as clearly and completely covering the Ranger assault on Pointe Du Hoc. There is a great amount of detailed information packed into this DVD with archival footage as well as on location interviews. This is a great DVD for anyone interested in D-Day history and the siege of Pointe Du Hoc.


We wish to thank Pen & Sword Books Ltd for supplying us with this review sample

Pen & Sword


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