Plus Model – Me 109 Pilot


Me 109 Pilot

Kit #  4035

Scale:  1/48 scale

Contents :  1 Resin pilot figure


From the Plus Model aero-line range of 1/48 scale kits and accessories comes a Me 109 fighter Pilot figure in cast resin. The kit contains just two parts and that being the nearly complete figure and one arm. The pilot is in a casual stance and smoking a cigarette. The figure comes in a clear package and foam is used to protect the parts. Sandwiched in the card packaging is a color drawing to use as reference in painting the figure, be sure to remove this before discarding the packaging.


The Pilot is wearing thick leather boots, leather jacket, officers cap and a yellow life vest. He is also carrying a holstered pistol on his left side. There is some flash and mold seams that need cleaning but this is minor.

For the review I went ahead and cleaned the flash and mold seams and also glued the right arm in place. This was all pretty easy and quick to do, especially using CA to glue the arm on. I didn’t see any flaws such as air bubbles, and the detailing looks to be very good as well.

All in all this is a nice little figure in 1/48 scale a would look great standing next to a Me 109. There was very little clean up and the figure is basically ready for primer and painting.

I’d like to thank Plus Model for supplying this review sample from their Aero range of figures and other products.

You can see this and more on their website.



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