German 75mm ‘long’ammo boxes – Reality in Scale


German 75mm ‘long’ammo boxes

From Reality in Scale

Scale: 1/35 scale

Set number: #35242

Contents: 12 resin ammo crates and Archer decal sheet


Review by: Scratchmod



The Set:

The set includes two sizes of crates, 6 small and 6 large crates. All the crates are finely cast in a cream colored resin with the larger crates being attached to casting blocks. As with nearly all the Reality in Scale sets I have tested the resin has next to no odor and almost flawless. There is some clean up required but this is expected when working with after market resin products.


The boxes are from one part molds so there are no mold lines to clean up, just the removal of casting blocks. I didn’t see any air bubbles on the resin castings in my review samples and due to a one piece casting there is no flash on the parts. The box (crate) covers are cast separately and also have some nice fine detailing.

Also included are three (3) decal sheets. There are two sheets with decals for the 75mm long variants 1, 2 and 3. The third sheet has plain ammo crate markings. The stenciling for the boxes are white print so they may be difficult to see or read in the images here. All decals look to be nicely printed and not much film can be seen, the test is when they are applied to the painted boxes. The decals are from Archer so they should be very good.




There isn’t really much to say as this is a basic accessory set for a dio or to be placed on a tank. A good quality set at a reasonable price, perfect for PZ IV lovers.

Special thanks once again to Reality in Scale for providing this review sample.

Please take the time to visit the Reality in Scale website to see this and many other products.


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